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Application Decommissioning
with Everteam

Retire Applications While Retaining Access to Content to Reduce Costs and Increase Compliance

Extract and store records and documents from legacy applications while retaining the ability to search, access and manage the extracted content.


Quickly Connect and Extract Content

Standard connectors for most production applications

Extract and ingest inactive content to a central repository

Ensure continued access to content


Maintain Access to Archived Content

Ensure and control access to archived content

Provide needed reports and metrics


Search and Retrieve Archived Content

Advanced search based on metadata or full text

Federated search across multiple repositories

Integrated advanced content analytics


Increase Compliance

Move content into a true records management environment

Manage archived content based on retention policies

Enable litigation hold across all archived content

Deliberate Hoarders, Confused Collectors, and Careful Curators

Recently, we held a benchmark survey of leading IT and information governance professionals on how they deal with inactive content created by or stored in production applications.

So how are IT and governance professionals addressing this problem to reduce costs, eliminate risk and simplify their system architecture? What we found is that most companies fall into one of three common approaches: the Deliberate Hoarders, the Confused Collectors, and the Careful Curators.

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