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Intelligent Business Process Management
Monitoring and Analytics

Get as much real time visibility in your process operation as you need. Develop and track key performance indicators with a web-based, business friendly reporting tool. Gain operational insights to to optimize each process.



Get performance metrics effortlessly

Track busines processes statuses and reference

Extract runtime date for further analysis and provide tailored reports

Let your users build their own with Ad hoc reporting

User dashboards put all monitor data in front of your users



Real time visibility to process instance execution data and progress

Pause, terminate, resume and intervene to ensure that process instances complete successfully

Visual tracking of your process progress and events

Handle production runtime administration tasks in a powerful console

JSR Micro Expands into New Markets with everteam.ibpms

JSR Micro saw an opportunity to enter new markets, and with it an opportunity to streamline operations and refine internal processes in line with rapid growth. Expanding the product line into the Life Sciences and Emerging Technologies industry required expanding the organization with new functions, departments, staff, and customers.

Capabilities for Driving Your
Business Transformation Strategy

Design and Modeling

Businesses use collaboration to visualize, understand, document and optimize the actions, procedures, rules and metrics needed to achieve operational success. Safely transition to process automation to configure without coding the technical details that will enforce and support the defined process.

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Automation and Integration

Drag-and-drop configuration to define how each process task should work. Define how other systems will interact with the process, configure how the process will integrate with your existing applications, map the decisions and metrics that the process should collect without doing a single line of code.

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Process Deployment

One-click deployment of your project or bring in your best devops practices. Promote and rollback process versions as needed. Scale your deployment without disrupting your operation

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Orchestration and Business Rules

Encapsulate decision logic in business friendly decision tables. Build reusable smart process that leverage ibpms features to provide decision services. Let business users be in control of their rules by granting them editing rights through our web based interface.

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Monitoring and Analytics

Get as much real time visibility in your process operation as you need. Develop and track key performance indicators with your web based business friendly reporting tool. Use operation insights to decide the best path to optimize your process,

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