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Business Transformation for All

Organizations everywhere are facing disruption. We’ve entered full steam into the age of the customer; growing expectations, new digital capabilities and increasing demands from employees to have more flexibility in how they work require major changes in how enterprises run their businesses. The disruption for IT is great, but there are ways you can move… Read More »


A Simple Tool for Analyzing Your Enterprise Application Portfolio

Every year, in every enterprise, budgets are approved, and resources are spent to procure and implement new enterprise applications. We have pretty good processes for this, including steering committees, architecture reviews, and CAPEX approval processes. What we DO NOT have are similarly structured processes for retiring and decommissioning legacy applications. What to do with an… Read More »

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The Big Obstacle to Application Decommissioning

When I talk to IT executives about application decommissioning and application archiving, I sometimes feel as though I have fallen through a rabbit hole. Because just like Alice, I cannot make sense of a lot of what my eyes and ears are telling me. It seems to me that decommissioning applications that are no longer… Read More »