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About Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications, Inc., (CCI) is a leading business and broadband communications provider with history reaching as far back as 1894. The NASDAQ-listed company provides advanced communication solutions to consumer, commercial, and carrier customers by leveraging its fiber-rich network which extends across an 11-state service area.

CCI offers a wide range of services including residential digital TV, high-speed internet, phone, home automation and security services. CCI also offers commercial solutions serving businesses of all sizes with voice, IP, managed and hosted services, data connectivity, equipment solutions and cloud services. Consolidated has a long history of providing reliable communications solutions and local support throughout its service area and employs more than 3000 people.

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The Business Challenge

As a leader in broadband communications serving nearly 1 million customer accounts, timely, accurate, and reliable provisioning and order processing is critical to business success. As their reach expanded and as broadband technology advanced, CCI brought in a new workforce provisioning system in 2012. With it they needed business process software that would help the variety of different systems in the organization talk to each other and follow the same business rules.

In addition, corporate acquisitions meant that CCI needed a way to reliably integrate vastly different systems and interfaces into the main corporate IT structure, push corporate standards out to the new organizations, and do it predictably and without disrupting regular operations.

The Everteam Solution

What started as a solution to address several specific needs as part of the workforce provisioning system in 2012 has grown rapidly into the backend glue that holds a large, distributed set of systems together. IT staff quickly recognized the power of everteam.ibpms: with everteam.ibpms they were able to wrap the paths within and among systems in business logic that is consistent, and with more efficient processes, top to bottom. From billing to inventory and trouble ticketing to task management and more, every CCI system and process depends on everteam.ibpms to talk to and among one another.


Using everteam.ibpms

CCI has experienced benefits from everteam.ibpms beyond initial expectations, including:

  • High Process Volume
    everteam.ibpms drives hundreds of processes and nearly one million process instances each day, dependably.
  • Responsiveness
    Customers depend on quick responses from service staff, and with everteam.ibpms driving communication among systems, they get it.
  • Ease-of-Use
    New processes can be developed and deployed in hours and days. Existing processes can be edited in minutes.
  • Low Overhead
    Managed by a small development team, low CPU and database overhead means everteam.ibpms provides complex solutions without high personnel or complex hardware requirements.
  • Ease-of-Understanding
    Smart interface and process structure allows for expanded understanding among non-technical staff, and savvier input into refining processes.
  • Ease-of-Integration
    Integration with diverse systems is easier and more efficient.

I was skeptical at first. As a developer I like to see code. But everteam.ibpms implemented well, is easily expandable, and the service oriented architecture means we can deploy processes faster than ever before. We can roll out new processes or make updates in as little as a day. everteam.ibpms impressed me quickly, and is now central to our operations.

CCI depends on everteam.ibpms for its business applications to communicate, and everteam.ibpms has exceeded expectations. CCI IT staff can now reliably plan for integrating acquisitions while maintaining and refining existing processes and operations. I look forward to continuing to work with Everteam as we expand our everteam.ibpms installation to more systems and more processes.

  • Kirk Siber
  • CCI

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