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Everteam Named
Top BPM Vendor
by CIOReview Magazine

2017 CIOReview Top 20 BPM Vendor Edition

Everteam is recognized among the elite group of companies featured in the 2017 BPM edition of CIOReview magazine for its specialties in Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Archiving, Records Management, Content Analytics, Big Data, Case Management, Workflow, ECM, and BPM.

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Recognized Benefits of everteam.ibpms

  • Integration
    everteam.ibpms is the integration key that enables components to work together. everteam.ibpms delivers data between and among vast areas of a operation, and between and among products from several vendors.
  • Orchestration and Automation
    everteam.ibpms orchestrates content flow with controls at every stage of the process.
  • Primary and Alternate Workflows
    By implementing alternate workflows, everteam.ibpms ensures unexpected circumstances don’t interrupt content delivery. The agility of everteam.ibpms enables it to delivery functionality much more quickly than by other methods.
  • Scalability
    The need for on-demand content continues to rise and everteam.ibpms meets that demand daily.
    everteam.ibpms enables companies to meet rapid growth through agile business transformation
  • Speed
    In a world in which “the right content in the right place at the right time” is paramount, everteam.ibpms delivers content quickly and efficiently through multiple products and services.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    everteam.ibpms delivers significant value on the strength of its low license costs and robust

Everteam’s comprehensive intelligent process automation solution delivers an enterprise-class platform to design, deploy, and manage the most complex business processes.

  • Jeevan George
  • Managing Editor, CIOReview

The Everteam BPM Solution

everteam.ibpms ignites business transformation by empowering organizations to dramatically improve customer experience and compliance quickly, economically and without abandoning their IT investments.

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How Consolidated Communications Used Everteam's Low Code BPM to Create Reusable Solutions

See how a large regional broadband provider used everteam.ibpms to integrate thousands of disparate process and systems from numerous mergers and acquisitions and created a reusable set of low-code BPM processes.

“Everteam.ibpms implemented well, is easily expandable, and the service oriented architecture means we can deploy processes faster than ever before. We can roll out new processes or make updates in as little as a day.”  – Kirk Siber, Consolidated Communications

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2017 CIOReview Top 20 BPM Vendor Edition

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