Information is critical to an organization’s success, and they generate and work with a lot of it. When a process is completed and the job is done, that information needs to be archived or destroyed based on regulatory compliance requirements. Records management is a critical function which ensures the lifecycle of your content is managed properly.

How everteam.archive helps

everteam.archive provides you with simple, secure, and standard tools to implement compliance projects, meeting the requirements of compliance officers, archivists and IT. Using it, you can:

    • Deliver quick, affordable compliance projects, deployed in a matter of weeks, providing immediate value to both archivists and business users.
    • Archive all types of data or documents, with no limits on number, size or type of data flow.
    • Manage the full archive cycle, from capture to lifecycle management, retention and disposition, PDF/A conversion, storage and archiving on specialized media.
    • Manage and control your physical records.
    • Enable access to archived content directly from an Everteam application as well as portals such as Microsoft SharePoint.
    • Adapt projects to most compliance requirements: SOX, MoReq, NFZ 42013 & ISO 14641-1[in French] , ISO 15489, ISO 14721.

everteam.archive is built around industry standards and easily integrates and scalable solutions in accordance with IT policies.

Want to know more?

everteam.archive use cases

  • Digital document archive
  • Legal archive of accounting, HR flows, etc…
  • Employee information archive
  • Fund of funds compliance
  • Paper archives management
  • Paper & electronic records management

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