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Intelligent Business Process Management
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Stronger, More Dependable, More Resilient Content Rich Business Processes

everteam.ibpms 8.0 unites people, process, and content for accelerated business optimization.

Version 8.0 of everteam.ibpms empowers those line-of-business users with an active role in the definition of their business processes without technical constraints – with low coding required to achieve process automation. This leads to a better understanding of process capacity and goals.  Giving lines-of-business the power to model processes drives stronger, more resilient processes for the organization as a whole.


Analyst Workbench

Analyst Workbench opens up the power of business process automation to an entire organization, not just IT.  everteam.ibpms empowers business users with an active role in the definition of their business processes — without technical constraints. Business analysts share, comment and engage with processes.


Activity Metrics and Dashboards 

Provides process performance insights out-of-the box. By removing the development effort to collect the most common data and allowing administrators to create their specific reporting environment as needed, everteam.ibpms ensures summarized information is accessible. Customers enjoy immediate value.


Task Operations Support 

Provides customers with zero effort capabilities to optimize the allocation of resources and maintain full visibility on workflows operations.  


Ad Hoc Task Management 

Removes the fear typically introduced by ad hoc tasks. Users have full control of any new or special tasks that needs to be included in a particular process instance — without compromising the ability to audit the complete execution of the process.

Actually Getting BPM Done: Making the Most of the Methodology Behind the Process

When a business decides it’s time to implement a BPM project, it’s a momentous event for several reasons. First, the business has achieved a certain level of success such that the existing manual processes are no longer sufficient. That’s certainly cause for a pat on the back.

But there’s also an urgency. With that success comes a need to address the business challenges that might impede future success, the sooner the better. Key players need to become expects — quickly — at what needs to be done and how and let’s get it moving.

Along with a world-class intelligent business process management solution, Everteam has developed a successful methodology for evaluating, developing, and implementing successful BPMS projects.

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