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The Power of BPM

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Everteam delivers the ability to quickly automate, improve and manage process by facilitating the quick development of process applications.

Improve customer satisfaction and business compliance through effective process automation. Shorten the time required to deploy business application while ensuring high end user adoption. Partner with IT through effective collaboration in the design and deployment of business automation. Everteam helps you deliver exceptional experiences and extraordinary business results with confidence and consistency.


Collaborate across the enterprise on workflow tasks and process mapping
Extend task information with sharable documents
Understand each case history and context for the current task

Speed and Flexibility

Accelerate the automation process with seamless map to automation
Augment structured processes with adhoc tasks

Cost Effectiveness

Automate (and pay) by the process rather than purchasing an entire  platform or paying “by the user”
Scale as you add processes


Industry leading business activity monitoring (BAM)
Real time process information
KPI’s and dashboards

Analyst Workbench: Built for Business

Big Data is driving significant changes in modern organizations. It is placing enormous pressure on IT to manage the variety and velocity of content and data coming into the organization and, at the same time, support the needs of business users.

everteam.ibpms 8.0 is focused on introducing features that business users need to manage their content and business processes. It’s about providing tools and capabilities that reduce the need for IT every step of away, enabling the business to work quickly, concentrating on business requirements, not technical implementation.

National Health Service Improves eInvoicing with everteam.ibpms

Millions of United Kingdom residents depend on the National Health Service for their healthcare. Those same people and the government that leads them trusts the NHS to use public funds carefully and efficiently.

After creating Shared Business Services in 2005 to begin addressing NHS efficiencies across multiple trusts, NHS and SBS looked at additional ways to save resources and consolidate processes. NHS SBS turned to Everteam to address eInvoicing, further refining billing processes, and maintaining the public trust in the expenditure of public funds.

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