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Information Governance

Enterprise-scale information management supporting your regulatory, legal, risk, and operational requirements.

Everteam Solutions Provide a Foundation for a Comprehensive Information Governance Framework

Rapid implementation of records capture from multiple sources, retention management, and defensible destruction and legal hold with audit trail transparency.

Information Governance

According to Gartner Group, Information Governance (IG) involves decision rights and discoverability framework to ensure appropriate behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving, and deletion of information. Everteam solutions address key areas of information governance, including policy management, records management, application archiving, and access management.

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In a recent survey by AiiM, 51% of companies have had data-related incidents in the past 12 months, including breaches from external hacking and internal staff. Effective archiving and records management are a key defenses for reducing risks associated with breaches and hacks.

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Global Insurance Company Implements Better Legacy Data Management

As part of their human resources information services, a global insurance company sought to better manage the backlog of payroll accounting information in their systems. The extensive amount of digital storage space required to keep all the records in the active accounting system was becoming a drain on system performance as well as being quite costly on a per byte basis. However, the company still needed full access to the data to meet legal compliance standards.

After evaluating several archiving solutions, the company chose to work with Everteam to implement everteam.archive to address their application archiving needs.

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