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Accelerate Modernization
with Everteam

Reinvent, Re-architect and Redesign with Everteam

Everteam’s legacy modernization solutions allow our customers to implement new services and processes while preserving investments in existing systems.

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Connect People, Processes
and Content

Don’t let aging applications become barriers to innovation and agility. Everteam solutions enable decommissioning, deliver new customer services and support new business processes by connecting existing systems in new ways.


Accelerate Modernization with Application Archiving

Archive inactive content from production applications.  Retain access while reducing costs and increasing compliance with retention management and legal hold capabilities.

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Connect Existing Systems in New Ways with Process Orchestration

Use everteam.ibpms to automate process without replacing systems. Connect and orchestrate process to deliver new capabilities and improved customer experiences.

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JSR Micro Expands into New Markets with Everteam

Global materials supplier JSR Micro positioned Itself for rapid expansion with everteam.ibpms, streamlining operations and increasing overall quality and customer service.

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