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MAIF Optimizes Claims Management
and Automation with EverSuite


About MAIF

The fifth largest French individual insurance company for personal damages insurance and number one insurer in the associative sector, MAIF caters to the needs of its 2.5 million customers (property insurance, welfare insurance, health assistance, savings, credit …).
The company wins regular plaudits for its customer relations as it tops the list of French companies in all sectors. The satisfaction of its clients and the constant increase in their numbers reflect the success of MAIF and confirm that this model is a credible alternative to liberal economy. MAIF counts around 5899 employees and 2160 million Euros in turnover.

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The Business Challenge

For the management of complex claims from its clients, MAIF has twelve centers across France, to which all documents and supporting evidence for the processing of files are transmitted. Every year, the Rennes management center for example receives over 1 million pages. Claim managers rely on these documents to answer client phone calls and process their cases.

To share information between different stakeholders, fully automate its operations and reduce response times, MAIF was looking for an open, modular and unified Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.

The Everteam Solution

In order to implement its document capture strategy, MAIF has adopted a three-stage approach: capture, storage and management of flows.

MAIF chose EverSuite from Ever Team according to its functional and technical richness.

EverSuite first and foremost meets the functional needs already defined by MAIF, but is also equipped to deal with any requirement that may yet arise.

Thanks to EverSuite, it was possible to automatically reconstitute the electronic file related to the customer claim by centralizing the storage, indexing and search of scanned documents, in their different formats. The detailed management of access rights and user profiles also guarantees document security.

To facilitate the integration of the ECM solution with the claims processing application and other components of its IT system, MAIF has also opted in favor of open technologies. The maturity of EverSuite’s platform was therefore a decisive factor, with its service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on Java, J2EE, XML and Ajax technologies in a Unix environment.

EverSuite also offered MAIF various facilities for optimizing the transfer of image flows over low bandwidth networks (low / high resolution, on-the-fly conversion etc…).


Using Everteam

Upon implementation of EverSuite Content Analytics with Natural Language Processing, l’Argus de la Presse was able to deliver smarter, better business intelligence to subscribers. For example, queries resulted in smaller, more targeted volumes of results (half the size of previous results) and their flow-through ratio increased by more than 15 points. Analysts and production teams get better results that they can review faster and more efficiently, thus decision making is timelier and based on better data.

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Optimize data sharing between all management centers
  • Reduce time to answer client’s requests and reduce the outgoing phone call costs: MIAF’s managers can now have direct access to the captured elements of the claims file.
  • Speed up the processing of over 2.6 million incoming correspondences per year
  • Optimize the transfer of image flows over low bandwidth networks (low / high resolution, on-the-fly conversion etc…)
  • Simplify the tracking of the claim files processed in a management centre, files that may remain open for several months or even years

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