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About NHS Shared Business Services

NHS Shared Business Services is a unique joint venture between the Department of Health and Sopra Steria, a multinational information technology company. NHS Shared Business Services is the largest provider of business support services to the NHS in England, providing financial services to 100% of all NHS Commissioning organizations and the full range of services for around 30% of NHS Provider organizations. Solutions and services specifically designed for the NHS include finance and accounting, employment services, and procurement.

Employing more than 1800 who bring a unique mix of NHS and commercial expertise., NHS SBS provides business services to the National Health Service (NHS) more efficiently than NHS could internally, delivering savings of over £224 million. The SBS works with over a third of NHS Trusts and with 100% of the NHS Commissioning organizations, providing a high level of governance and accountability for around £100 billion of NHS spending. NHS SBS services and solutions ensure cost improvements and efficiency savings, as well as improved data management and reporting providing average cost improvements of between 20% and 40% for clients.

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The Business Challenge

Efficient procurement and subsequent prompt settling of accounts is critical to the health of any business. In the healthcare business it can directly impact supplies and staffing — and thus health of humans. Shared Business Services had implemented a custom solution to manage procurement and automate the manual entry for financial coding of AP invoices. Scanning was performed using a 3rd party tool and the AP invoice images were processed by image recognition software to extract their information. Alternatively they were routed automatically to a dedicated team for manual processing.

The system was good, but SBS also knew it could be better. SBS sought to further decrease manual processing, refine automatic processing, increase verification efficiency, and introduce the ability to track all documents in the system. SBS turned to everteam.ibpms to increase procurement efficiency, improve e-invoicing, and improve savings.

The Everteam Solution

Working in partnership with SBS and Sopra Steria staff, Everteam enabled a new technology solution to implement eInvoicing. Fully integrated with existing NHS SBS infrastructure, the solution supports scanned paper invoicing, and drives processes that reduce human error and increase invoicing timeliness. Everteam actively engaged and involved stakeholders to achieve business objectives, encouraging those who would be using the system to participate in process modeling and technical implementation of the solution. After committing to the Everteam solution in 2014, initial deployment occurred in 4 months. Roll-outs of new processes continue on a regular basis.


Using everteam.ibpms

NHS SBS started realizing benefits from the everteam.ibpms* solution immediately upon roll-out, including:

  • Performance
    Immediate performance improvement in invoice management resulting in faster, more accurate accounting for everything from hard hospital materials to pharmaceutical contracts.
  • Efficiency
    Fifteen comprehensive processes kicking off at short intervals over multiple systems channel 10 million invoices each year, worth tens of millions of pounds.
  • Clarity
    eInvoicing processes are explicitly clear for stakeholders. Billing is streamlined and Issues are more easily addressed.
  • Lower Costs
    Management of supplier master data lowers administrative expenses, ensures consistent data, avoids redundant maintenance, and increased reliability and confidence in data by employees.
  • Collaboration
    Knowledge shared across the organization promotes ownership and shared goals.
  • Confidence
    NHS SBS staff is secure in the knowledge that everteam.ibpms can handle the large and increasing volume of processes critical to effective management of the healthcare system.

everteam.ibpms enabled us to streamline and automate invoicing, while ensuring the active participation of our employees in continuing process improvements.

  • Dominick Smyth
  • Supplier & Governance Manager, NHS SBS Ltd.

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