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HR Systems Archiving and
Records Management

Offload HR records from production HR systems to improve performance, lower costs and improve compliance.

everteam.records can connect to your HR Information System, extract inactive records and store them as records to ensure access and compliance


Move inactive HR content into a true records management environment

Manage all content based on standard retention policies

Enable litigation hold across all documents

Simplify search, discovery and retrieval activities


Connect and extract records from your HR Information System

Connectors for most HR systems, including SAP and Oracle

Extract and ingest inactive content to a single central repository

Ensure continued access to required records


Search and retrieve stored HR records

Advanced search based on metadata or full text

Controlled access to record types based on organization and role

Ensure defensible destruction based on standard retention policies


Reduce HR application repository size

Reduce license, maintenance and storage costs

Improve application performance with faster indexes, searches and retrieval

Simplify the path to the cloud by reducing the scope of migration

How to Solve Indefinite Database Growth in Human Resources Systems

Every morning, HR professionals arrive at work, turn on their computers, and open a specific type of software: their HR information management system.

Every company’s HR system has hundreds of thousands or millions of records stored in its database. We call it: the “production environment.” It includes the software itself, plus every record currently stored in the system.

And it is always growing. For established companies, the total size of the production environment can be 8-10 terabytes (TB) of data—or even more.

Storing records this way—holding them indefinitely in an ever-growing production environment—creates a host of challenges for HR and IT managers.

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