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Application Archiving
with everteam.records

Offload inactive content from production applications to reduce costs, increase application performance and create a compliant environment.

Application Archiving is the process of moving inactive content from application environments to a lower-cost, higher-compliance records management environment. Reduced repository size means savings in hardware, licenses and maintenance costs as well as improvements in performance and compliance.


Ingest and store any type of content

Structured database content or unstructured documents

Automatically classify and index all content

Choose storage tiers based on costs and access requirements


Connect to any application environment

Standard connectors for most enterprise applications, including SAP and Oracle

CMIS connector for easy connection to most content management environments

Extract and ingest inactive content to a single central repository


Search and retrieve stored content

Advanced search based on metadata or full text

Controlled access by role

Simple retrieval while maintaining format and schema


Increase Compliance and Ensure Defensible Destruction

Manage all ingested content based on retention policies

Enable litigation hold across all documents

Simplify search, discovery and retrieval activities

Application Archiving Capabilities

Connect and Capture

Standard connectors let you capture inactive content and records directly from source applications.

Optimize Storage

Move inactive content to lower cost storage tiers as it ages, ensuring access when needed but reducing costs and increasing compliance,

Enable Decommissioning

Move inactive content to a lower cost, higher compliance records management environment where it can be managed based on consistent retention policies,

Retention Management

Define and apply retention policies to inactive content by moving it out of the production environment and into Everteam’s records management solution.

Litigation Hold

Freeze sets of related documents when required by subpoena or document requests.

Integrated Analytics

Analyze content from multiple sources using advanced natural language processing capabilities.

Leading Insurance Company Implements Better Legacy Data Management with everteam.archive

When millions of people depend on your organization for their insurance coverage — and government agencies are keeping an eye on you, too — you have to get some things right the first time. This leading insurance company implemented an application archiving solution that archives millions of records while implementing retention management and reducing compliance risk.

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