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Manage Records Based on Regulatory Requirements

Enable retention policy management and litigation hold capabilities across multiple repositories.


Consistent Retention Policy Management

Retention policies based on regulatory requirements

Retention periods associated with dates and triggers

Retention policies applied across multiple repositories


Federated Search to Aid Discovery

Search across multiple record types, series and repositories

Advanced search capabilities including synonyms

Advanced analytics for more advanced investigations


Litigation Hold Across Repositories

Freeze records and document sets across multiple repositories

Associate holds with reasons and dates

Report on active and previous holds


Ensure Defensible Destruction

Ensure consistent application of retention policies

Document all actions with complete audit trails

Report on all disposition and destruction activities

Global Insurance Company Implements Better Legacy Data Management with everteam.records

One of France’s largest insurance companies was able to extract deep insights from their legacy data stored in the company’s payroll application using everteam.records’ analytics platform.

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