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About Sky

British Sky Broadcasting is the UK and Ireland’s leading home entertainment and communications company. Around 40% of all homes have a direct relationship with Sky through its range of TV, broadband and home telephony services.

Sky is the UK’s biggest investor in television content, investing more than investing more than £2.5 billion a year in channels such as Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts, Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky News. Alongside its commitment to offering customers a greater choice of high-quality content, Sky is a leading innovator. Customers enjoy total control and flexibility over their favorite TV through Sky+, watch TV on the move through Sky Go, and enjoy the best quality TV experience at home through High Definition and 3D.

Sky distributes its content broadly over several platforms, including satellite, cable, IPTV, mobile and WiFi. NOW TV, Sky’s second consumer brand, builds on the company’s leadership in internet TV. Sky is also the UK’s fastest growing home communications company and favorite ‘triple-play’ provider of TV, broadband and home phone.

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The Business Challenge

Several years ago, Sky recognized the need to further develop their content delivery model to address increasing demand and new technologies. The solution would be a multi-faceted, multi-year effort to address processes and technologies related to media content delivery. Vendors would have to deliver solutions that were scalable, flexible, and able to integrate with other systems. Processes needed to be streamlined and each aspect of the project had to align with the business needs of the organization.

Sky needed powerful process management to channel more than a dozen major workflows for their project. And with indicators that demand for online media content will only rise, they needed a solution that could scale easily. Sky also needed this process management platform to be flexible enough to integrate cleanly with other products from other vendors. Metadata handling needed to be robust: receiving, processing, following, and delivering data to any part of the system, quickly, dependably, and automatically. In addition, as technology continued to advance, Sky needed to be able to tweak and evolve processes as needed and on demand, with minimal risk to the project overall.

The Everteam Solution

Sky engaged products from several vendors, selecting functionality from each that would need to work together to form a more effective whole. This approach moved the project ahead more quickly and allowed for application of tried and tested, as well as innovative, approaches to complex requirements. But it also made it critical to have the robust and scalable everteam.ibpms business process engine to orchestrate processes involving multiple systems.

Since completing the project and going live, demand for media content through Sky products and services has continued to rise. With everteam.ibpms, process flows and process management are reliable, optimized, accurate, and fast, no matter how high the demand.


Using everteam.ibpms

Sky’s project has successfully ushered media content delivery into a new technological era, with benefits including:

  • Integration
    everteam.ibpms is the integration key that enables other aspects of the project to work together. everteam.ibpms delivers data between and among vast areas of the operation, and between and among products from several other vendors.
  • Orchestration and Automation
    everteam.ibpms orchestrates media content flow on demand to linear transmission, OTT platform and, third-party vendors. The management of each asset, be it a commercial, a program or a promo is managed all the way through from ingest to post production to QC and Tx Packaging with controls at every stage of the process.
  • Primary and Alternate Workflows
    By implementing alternate workflows, everteam.ibpms ensures unexpected circumstances don’t interrupt media content delivery. The agility of everteam.ibpms enables it to delivery functionality much more quickly than by other methods.
  • Scalability
    Demand for media content continues to rise and everteam.ibpms meets that demand daily.
    everteam.ibpms enables Sky to meet rapid growth on demand.
  • Flexibility
    everteam.ibpms integrates with products and services from multiple other vendors, allowing Sky to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Accuracy
    everteam.ibpms manages processes accurately and reliably. Dozens of processes, from transcoding media to importing and exporting data on demand, depend on correct processing by everteam.ibpms.
  • Speed
    In a world in which “the right content in the right place at the right time” is paramount, everteam.ibpms helps Sky deliver media content quickly and efficiently through multiple products and services.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    everteam.ibpms delivers significant value on the strength of its low license costs and robust
    functionality built on its roots as the first open source BPMS on the market.

Media and broadcast technology is evolving rapidly and at Sky we fully embrace the “Believe in Better” philosophy and strive to make things better for our customers in everything that we do. Adopting these technological advances at an early stage and driving through practical solutions are key measures in our success. The Tapeless Programme is a good success story, where we improved and automated our tape-based workflows by introducing robust and integrated process management, provided by everteam.ibpms, orchestrating the flow of media, metadata and user interactions through multiple systems and products. ”

  • Ed Abrahamian
  • MAM Programme Delivery Manager, Sky

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