A Special Conference Organized by Everteam at the UAE National Archives

A Special Conference Organized by Everteam at the UAE National Archives

Abu Dhabi, January 21st 2019, a special conference was organized to discuss the benefits of archiving “contemporary records, documents and electronic archiving systems”.

As one of National Archives software providers, Everteam was invited to organize a conference to discuss the benefits of contemporary records, document and electronic archiving systems. The conference was held at the National Archives Auditorium from 9:00 am until 2:30 pm. The objective of this conference was to emphasize on the importance of electronic archiving in compliance with international norms and standards for documents and work processes. In addition to investing in proper data strategies to achieve regulatory compliance, lower costs and lessen risks to meet operational goals and achieve long-term viability.

Everteam key experts seized this opportunity to discuss and showcase its latest innovations in ECM, how ECM transformed over the past 15 years and moved to content services, highlighted Information Governance frameworks and steps, discussed legal archiving processes and standards around the world.

In addition to the above, an overview on Smart ECM, and how ECM is contributing to smart cities by leveraging the power of AI and its impact.

The demonstration highlighted the following:
1) Technical overview of the records management and electronic archiving system which aims to eliminate paper transactions.
2) The impact of AI, Machine Learning, Biometrics and Big Data on data capture, document management and Archiving.
3) Smart and intelligent document classification,, auto-tagging capabilities used for enhancing archiving and records management.

“Organizations are waking up to the reality that information governance is more important in the era of big data than it was beforehand.” Stated Hani Hannoun, Executive Manager and UAE country manager at Everteam. “We are guiding and providing ways for organizations to monetize their digital assets”, he added. Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our offering.

National Archives has previously selected everteam.correspondence which enabled them to streamline all internal, incoming, and outgoing correspondences, while automating correspondence circulation between all departments, as well as with external parties.

We are happy to have been selected to discuss an issue necessary for all organizations and at the same time highlight out electronic archiving solution that solves big data challenges and addresses information management needs.