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AI and Big Data Analytics

4 points content services platform should ruminate!

No doubt that AI has made it onto the list of tech buzzwords for 2018 and it has gained so much popularity in the region. Could this be the AI takeover? What if it was? Does that mean we will be dealing with more and more big data analytics? The process of AI includes the stimulation of human intelligence by machines in order to recognize, learn and correct, with the ability to distinguish voice and vision.

As humans, we know more than we can tell however we can plan, deploy and govern suitably. AI is a big example of that. We are also contributing heavily in the production of big data as the world grows in a vast speed, so does “Big Data”. More and more organizations combine between the two, how does big data play a part in the recent improvements of AI and machine learning in overall businesses.

Smarter business

Advancement in data analytics producing professional analysis and facilitating decision making. We will be able to process huge quantities of data. What was once difficult is now a “piece of cake”. Everteam’s Content Services Offering has also become smarter. By integrating next-level capabilities into our Content Services Platform, such as Entity Extraction , we are helping our customers locate and classify atomic elements residing in text, into predefined categories such as the names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, percentages, etc…

Shift to real-time

Data made much more visible and in higher quantities during real-time. Access large amounts of data always available online. Therefore enhanced targeting opening up for better opportunities. Everteam Content Services Platform manages the ingestion, storage and processing of very large volumes of content, coming in various flows and in different formats. Coupled with a Records Management System, fully integrated with the Content Services platform, the solution also manages physical security archives. Based on a distributed processing sub-system to manage the Big Data distributed storage, Everteam analytics solution exposes its services to the Big Data analytical layers as well as other third party applications.


With it a lot of advantages like decentralization, enhanced security and data transactions. As it becomes more popular in financial institutes so does the possibility to identify consumer spending patterns through big data analytics. Everteam solutions already have reliable security measures, however our blockchain connectors are predicted to be released in late 2018, so stay tuned!

Data management enhanced

More data is being produced with time. With improved AI and advanced big data analytics, data coming from various sources can be used to create the necessary products wanted by consumers. Everteam now integrates an Enterprise Data Integration Tool that facilitates data movement from its source to a specified destination in a streamlined and automated, real-time or batch approach while undergoing a set of Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) operations to meet the desired outcomes. Extremely large data sets ingested are then stored into the Big Data structures managed by Everteam.

Uses of big data have been able to show positive measures in productivity throughout the years and especially in 2018, covering industries vital to society. Fraud and crime, tax, healthcare systems, government documents and many other aspects have are now easy to wrestle. Built-in data analytics in applications facilitating big data analysis. In short, AI with big data is a great opportunity providing platforms that are easy to install, manage and code.