Supporting the Government’s Internal Paperless Strategy
| Alrowad Receives Everteam Licenses Certificates for the Correspondence Management System (CMS)

Alrowad IT Solutions received Everteam licenses for the Correspondence Management System from everteam as part of the strategic partnership between the two companies. The licenses will further support Alrowad’s efforts in supporting the government’s internal paperless strategy.

Alrowad had successfully implemented everteam.correspondence system that automates and standardizes the process of preparing correspondences and internal communications practices in the government sector for electronic documents and archiving. The system is currently used by thousands of employees across the UAE.

The correspondence system helps save time and efforts and simplifies procedures, as well as supports the culture of electronic signatures and promotes the culture of internal paperless communications. It also contributes to the efforts of internal procedures into digital.

With over 25 years of experience in innovation, Everteam is a global vendor and a world-class leader specializing in solutions centered around big data and analytics with focus on Content, Correspondence, Process, Records Management, and Archiving. Headquartered in Lyon, with regional offices in the US and the Gulf, Everteam’s mission is to help organizations reduce costs, minimize risks, and ensure compliance with norms and regulations including the new European regulation, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and cybersecurity.

The licenses will further support Alrowad’s enhancements for seamless automation, increase service quality and improve overall productivity.

Patrick Osta, Chief Executive of Alrowad IT Solutions received the licenses from Hani Hannoun, Everteam’s Country Manager of UAE and Oman.