Application Decommissioning

Application Decommissioning: Stop Paying for What You Do Not Use

Based on past surveys, we have found that the majority of IT organizations have enterprise software systems that they continue to manage long after they have been replaced, solely as storage for content. The result is wasted spending and unnecessary risk, both of which you can reduce with an application decommissioning initiative.

Application decommissioning centers on archiving the content contained in the application’s repository or database. Once it is archived, the plug can be pulled on the application itself, eliminating maintenance and operating costs while ensuring the continued availability of the content to business users.

Complete application decommissioning solutions include records and retention management capabilities. This means you can track the archived content by age and compare with retention policies that define how long to retain each type of content using existing policies and regulations. As content passes its expiration age, it is set up for deletion, reducing required storage and the risk that it will surface in legal discovery activities.

Note: This is part two of a three part series on three critical items for IT in 2018. Read the first part, File Analytics: Shining Light in the Darkest Corners of Your Stored Content.

Your 2018 budget summary for Application Decommissioning

What? Execute a project to decommission a selected enterprise software system

Why? Maintaining the existing application is costing us money each month in terms of maintenance and operational costs. In addition, the content stored in the system includes information that we should not retain due to compliance and legal risks. By archiving the content and closing down the system, we will save money and reduce risk while still ensuring that the business has access to the information and reports they require.

How Much? Application decommissioning projects tend to take 3 to 6 months, though sometimes they are part of larger enterprise archiving and records management initiatives. A typical budget for a large enterprise solution can range from $150,000 to $250,000, depending on three factors: how much content, the number of different content types, and the access requirements for the archived content. Payback calculations include the cost of the project less the continuing costs of maintaining the system, including storage costs, maintenance costs and any time required to administer the system.

Download the IT Leaders Guide to Application Decommissioning for more information.