Expert Opinion: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Face Recognition

You did know that Face recognition existed way before iPhone X was released right? Face recognition is nothing new but the advanced technology due to artificial intelligence created a revolutionized facial recognition system. Ever wondered how the snapchat and Instagram filters work perfectly on your face? How do they have the ability to accurately map the geometry of your face? The advancement in technology embedded artificial intelligence to create a smart system able to do those things. Face ID automatically adapts to changes in your appearance. From glasses, to cosmetic makeup or even growing facial hair. It is designed to work indoors, outdoors and even in total darkness. Believe it or not!

When AI was embedded into facial recognition tools, a smart engine was created which showed us the importance of visual content and the rise of visual data software. That is what old face recognition systems were lacking. Therefore there were no “smart surveillance cameras” before AI.  Facial recognition has become faster and more accurate under all conditions, from different angles.

Due to AI facial recognition can be used in the following:

  • Real time watchlist detection. Identifying individuals on the spot.
  • Safer cities by capturing an image, assessing it and matching it. FR can recognize anyone with an arrest warrant out on the loose.
  • Tracking and correlating individual journeys
  • Monitoring real-time data against specific parameters

Not only has this technology facilitated our day-to-day lives and replaced old technology but there are many additional benefits: improved security, process automation, fast and accurate, non-intrusive using real-time video capture.

Surveillance. Medical centers, retail, churches

Face Recognition for Public Security

Before we move on to discussing how facial recognition in 2018 has become popular among the mass population by being used for individual use, let us address the more global issue. Public Security. The use of FR will better the security status around cities, well, smart cities. FR can take two distinguished forms:

V= Single factor authentication, dual factor authentication

  • Single Factor Authentication where on FR is used to identify and allow access
  • Dual Factor Authentication where FR is used with an access card, fingerprint or so on to allow access

Smart surveillance is being used in all industries

Retail stores

use FR to track shopping habits. What are people buying mostly? How much are they paying per visit? Who are they shopping with? All those details can be amswered. Moving onto instore advertising. They makes the customer comeback? What attracts that specific customer the most? All these questions can be answered because of the data picked up from FR. In other word, making sense of visuals.

Religious outlets

have also been using FR lately. Other than the major need for security measures, especially in certain countries where these buildings are under threat. Religious Institutions also use FR to gather data on who has been attending the religious ceremonies. This data is used to identify the faces who haven’t been showing up so they can be contacted again.

Educational Institutions

don’t only use FR on their students, but recently on teachers. In many schools, admin has been complaining about teachers taking longer hours for break than allocated. Therefore, they can tack the break timings on teachers without them knowing anything. This is an effective technique that is done anonymously and very accurately.

Medical Centers

of course! Very beneficial uses of FR in the medical field that has helped save many lives. Smart engines are able to diagnose genetic disorders, specifically genetic disorders that have an effect on facial impressions. These genetic disorders can affect a person’s cognitive abilities and heart. Therefore once identified the necessary action can be taken directly without wasting patient’s time or money.

Facial recognition is generating “Big Data” and through data analysis we are able to make sense of this collected data.

Capture-> Extraction-> Comparison->Matching

On a more personal level…

Back to snapchat and Instagram! Sure, they are very amusing, plus we can take a nice shot easily without wasting time on taking the right angle! Smart engines have done so much. Remember the face swap option? Or replacing your face with a celebrity’s face – broadcasting live and live chatting with no Photoshop involved? Ai and deep learning have embedded accuracy for image recognition. The “face transplant effect” allows us to take a face from any image and transplant it onto an actual person.

Ai has allowed FR to simultaneously handle more than one video streams. Identify that one face from millions and from 100 meters distance. FR has started to become mainstream especially because of the iphone X. This is only the beginning as it will continue to change the way we live. Though what do you think of the thought of technology tracking your movements and following you around everywhere you go?

Everteam Content Services…

A computer vision has proved to solve several difficult problems. Everteam content services platforms use data gathered by face recognition to quickly and accurately make use of the gathered information for a specific task when needed.  As an example, we can take our solutions in the safety analytics and investigation framework. Embedded with machine learning to track down suspects during crime investigation through facial recognition technology.

Investigators will tap into FR technology to assist in tracing the subjects. Our smart solution allows for making use of the information collected and entered into the system. Information like; car plate number & face identification through surveillance camera footage, manually this would take forever. After the image is read, social media connectors, news site crawlers provide the necessary additional information like date of birth, area of residency, hangout spots and so on by connecting relevant social media accounts to the data.

Centralized data system, process notifications, able to display everything related to an incident visually so decisions are taken effectively and efficiently.  All this is much needed as murders and crimes increase and security becomes questionable.

Due to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Everteam has the latest most advanced technological solutions for Data Visualization and Analytics. Watch how our solutions help authorities identify the criminal in a a hit and run scenario!



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