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How to Automate Classification Without Losing Control

Content professionals are often faced with large volumes of content requiring classification. Rules-based processing and automated machine learning classification help make the content classification workload more manageable, but with trade-offs in accuracy, speed, or level of control. This blog addresses ways to balance velocity, accuracy, and control to achieve the optimum outcome. In everteam.discover there […]

How to: Setting Up Exceptions for Information Policies in everteam.policy

Defining and setting up information policies, including retention rules is straightforward. You identify the information class and then assign rules, such as a retention rule. Simple enough. Except when you have multiple jurisdictions that have different rules. Then you’ve got some work to do. Luckily, everteam.policy has you covered. Let’s have a look at how […]

Next Gen BPM Needs to Support Complexity and Security Challenges

Business process management is going through a kind of revolution. Yes it’s about improving and re-imagining existing processes to support business transformation to an increasingly digital world. But it’s also about something even bigger; it’s about creating entirely new services that not only support the current way of working, but enable innovative approaches to improving […]

A New BAM Dashboard for everteam.ibpms 8.0

Process automation is beneficial to a business in so many ways, but it’s not as simple as automate the process and walk away. You need regular visibility into how a process is performing, so you resolve roadblocks or detect issues quickly or report regularly on process performance. That visibility needs to be available to the […]

everteam.ibpms 8.0 Adds Ad Hoc Processing

There are many situations that require complete process design up front and implementation into a BPM system that can’t be altered. But business is transforming, and it has become critical to enable flexibility and responsiveness in today’s highly competitive market. And that means your processes need to be flexible and able to adjust at a […]

Collaborate on Processes with Analyst Workbench

Teams define business processes, not a single person. You set up a series of meetings, get everyone in the room you think is involved in the process, and you start talking. Someone, typically a business analyst, stands at the front of the room and attempts to whiteboard the conversation with the goal of eventually walking […]