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4 Reasons to Clean Your Information

Gartner said it well: “store everything isn’t an effective information governance strategy.” With the amount of information an organization creates and captures growing exponentially every year, it will be impossible to manage that data in a way the ensures it’s secure, compliant and available when it’s needed. So can we just agree that you need […]

Chief Data Officer’s Role in Information Governance

There are many people involved in developing, implementing and managing information governance strategies in most organizations. In order to bring coherence to those efforts, many organizations are adding a new C-level position, the Chief Data Officer (CDO). The Wikipedia definition of the Chief Data Officer: “A chief data officer is a corporate officer responsible for […]

Process Automation is Key to Managing Dark Content

One of the most common information governance challenges we talk to customers about is finding and organizing content from across the organization – often referred to as “Dark Content”. Content is found everywhere: in file shares and SharePoint, in business applications, on desktops, in cloud-based file sharing and storage applications. Knowing exactly what information you […]

Information Governance: A Small Ball Strategy in Action

According to Wikipedia, the term “Small Ball” in baseball means: “An offensive strategy in which the batting team emphasizes placing runners on base and then advancing them into scoring position for a run in a deliberate, methodical way.” “Small Ball” is out of vogue in the major leagues today — the game is all about […]

What Can You Do When All You Have is a Hammer Called DLP?

At Everteam, we meet with smart people in large organizations. Every week we find ourselves on calls and in conference rooms with business and IT executives talking about their information governance challenges. And it is no surprise that in recent months a lot of these conversations are about compliance with data privacy and retention requirements […]

Application Decommissioning: Stop Paying for What You Do Not Use

Based on past surveys, we have found that the majority of IT organizations have enterprise software systems that they continue to manage long after they have been replaced, solely as storage for content. The result is wasted spending and unnecessary risk, both of which you can reduce with an application decommissioning initiative. Application decommissioning centers […]

OPEX Week 2018: Now I’m a Believer

I spent four days in Orlando in January, but don’t be jealous. I was at a trade event, the OPEX Week World Summit, where Everteam had a booth and a presentation. I attended because some of the people who go to this particular event are our customers, and others work for companies who we would […]

Three Application Archiving Approaches: Which One is Your Organization?

Organizations approach managing product application content in different ways. There are a variety of decision drivers, but overall, we’ve found three fundamental types of organizational approaches: the Deliberate Hoarders, the Confused Collectors, and the Careful Curators. Deliberate Hoarders Deliberate Hoarders are the organizations that have a simple rule for the content created by their applications: […]