Dark Data Webinar

Avoid Compliance Nightmares and Clean Your Dark Data: Join the Webinar

35% of organizations believe the volume of information and data coming into their organizations will grow more than 5-fold in just the next two years; on average, organizations believe the volume of information will grow by 317%. – AIIM Industry Watch: Automating Compliance and Governance

We talk about dark data all the time. That’s because every organization has it – content and data hidden across organizational silos. It’s in your network drives, your cloud-based file shares, your SharePoint environment and many more. And you are collecting more of it every day. How do you manage compliance when you don’t know where much of your information lives and if it’s properly managed?

Gartner, AIIM, all the research and advisory forms agree that over 80% of the information organizations store is ROT (redundant, trivial or obsolete). A lot of that ROT is what is hidden across your company applications and repositories. Even worse, and much more troublesome, that dark data may contain sensitive information that anyone can access.

Over 60% of organizations are still stuck with mostly manual approaches to retention and disposition management or have just given up and save everything. – AIIM Industry Watch: Automating Compliance and Governance

You may never be in the position of full compliance with every regulation or business rule, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Join us on February 27th at 2 pm ET for the webinar: It’s Time to Shine a Light: Manage Your Dark Data and Increase Compliance.

Everteam VP, North America, Ken Lownie will share some insights on the dark data landscape and offer best practices to find, clean, organize and manage it. He’ll also talk about finding that information that needs to get under retention management, even if you want to keep it where it is. We’ll also give you a demo of two of Everteam’s solutions to show how you can manage your dark data easily and get the important information under records retention.

Bring your questions, share your challenges and the lessons you have learned your efforts to achieve compliance.

Here’s the link to the registration page. We hope to see you there!