A Considerable Insight into your Data | Capture, organize, store and deliver rich media assets with everteam.iNSight

In the age of Big Data, capturing, organizing and analyzing all your data is nearly impossible if you are counting on traditional methods. Without having a solution to structure and benefit from this data, you’ll find yourself with mountains of data that you can’t tell what to do with but also are afraid of getting rid of.

The size of Data might be an issue but the biggest challenge is the multiple data streams coming from online sources and social media, bringing rich media assets such as images, videos, animations, documents, etc.…

What did Everteam do about it?

Everteam, being an expert, for more than 25 years in the field of the digital transformation and information governance, developed everteam.iNSight. Based on Artificial Intelligence. This new solution can connect to more than 800 data sources to capture, organize, store and deliver rich media assets such as images, videos, animations and more in once central application leading to easy access and navigation.

For better visibility and proper decision making, everteam.iNSight allows you to search your data and retrieve media assets which will be found easily through metadata tags.

With everything becoming searchable, all assets, including visual ones, will be organized to become efficient in many aspects. If we take Marketers for example, through everteam.iNSight, they will no longer have to spend their time filtering and organizing data. The system will capture videos or images from different sources including Social Media platforms, and extract the content and data which will be stored in a secure repository. Everteam.iNSight helps improve the speed and efficiency of the production process which will automatically improve the brand image and provide a positive and enhanced customer experience.

How everteam.iNSight does the job

Managing data and documents intelligently, everteam.iNSight works in 5 main steps and each step operates with specific features:

  • Acquire: Using Cloud and on premise connectors, data mappers, job scheduler, configurators and many other tools, iNSight captures and loads content from more than 900+ sources such as Social media. Captured videos, images and data will be stored in one common secure repository.

Acquiring features:

  • Cloud and On-Premise Connectors
  • Data Mapper
  • Job Scheduler
  • Configurator
  • Security
  • Big Data Storage


  • Navigate: iNSight organizes multi-type and multi-format assets and captures information into the common Filing plan. Marketer will have then the ability to easily create, edit, and share asset collections between users, including static collections and smart collections.

Navigation Features:

  • Collections between users, including static collections and smart collections
  • Filing Plan
  • Check Out and Versioning
  • File Types Support: Photoshop, and Illustrator to common file types like Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, and more.
  • Media Delivery


  • Enroll: Enrollment of the biographical, biometrical and documentary data of individuals and organization. Using this data, everteam.iNSight will manage to set a targeted audience, analyze customer behavior and even advise marketers on strategies automatically and through AI.

Enrollment Features:

  • Capturing data for biographical, biometrical and documentary information
  • Advanced routing and process automation technologies for approval cycles
  • Automated importing of existing data from existing database from external sources
  • iNSight Process of Segmentation or Coding to extract Faces and Names then auto enroll the individual into to the system.


  • Process: Processing images and return useful information for analysis, identifying extracted objects and transform them to exploitable entities like video frames, speeches from videos… and extracting textual named entities to use them as key attributes for files.

Processing Features:

  • Computer Vision.
  • Intelligent Recognition
  • Entity Extraction


  • Report: Auto generated ready to use reports, Custom generation of reports, Visualization of large amount of data in real-time and Establishment of detailed Analysis with predictive, and descriptive capabilities, allowing marketers to analyze campaign performance and make more efficient decisions.

Reporting Features:

  • Sentiment and Trend Analysis tools
  • Predictive Analytics tools
  • Drag and drop tool
  • Timeline analysis


Why everteam.iNSight is what Your Organization Needs…

Since data is everything, and everything is data, managing and analyzing this valuable asset is a must. With everything being digitized and automated, everteam.iNSight, combining AI and Big Data with advanced analytics, allows you to process your digital assets in a responsive and friendly user interface. This solution is able to analyze a large amounts of data in addition to integrated reporting tools offering your business a valuable insight about the organization of digital assets and, showing relevant information about all the media types which are used for metrics and KPI’s.

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