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From Lyon to Riyadh, Ambitious Career Opportunities! Everteam KSA Jobs


From Lyon to Beirut, Dubai and now Riyadh. The fourth article from a series of personal opinions with Hussein Nasser, on how Everteam Global Services Employees in the Middle East feel about the products and solutions they ultimately participate in designing. Hussein is the Operations Manager at Everteam Riyadh. Here is our interview with him telling us more about to Everteam KSA offices and all the ups and downs he experienced along the way!

About You…

It all started when I decided to peruse my passion for computer science and software design & architecture by studying Computer Science at the Lebanese University. Studying Computer Science allowed me to gain many technical and non-technical skills. I started working for Everteam in 2013, where my passion began to grow. I stayed with the MENA team in Beirut for 2 years before moving to Everteam offices in Riyadh.

More About You…

I started my career with Everteam as a Lead Software Engineer in Beirut Office.  I handled various projects for KSA like correspondence tracking, document management, meeting management and task management systems for the Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF) and Saudi Post and its 500 offices across the kingdom. I also worked on projects outside KSA like Zajel in Bahrain.

I relocated to KSA in the position of a Technical Unit Manager, that’s when the nature of my work changed as I was more involved in leading and managing a technical team along with the implementation of all Everteam’s ECM projects. My career in KSA got more advanced when I was in charge of handling a huge project titled “Shamel” for General Audit Bureau. The project was about automating the core business of the General Audit Bureau within a unified system that includes more than 65 auditing financial workflows along with a framework for governmental entities to send their documents for monthly reviews.

2 years later I was prompted to “Operations Manager” where I became responsible for overseeing the whole production unit from the technical team to project management. My objective was to ensure that the work was running in an efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients.

How Did You End Up In KSA?

At a certain point in my career, I wanted to experience more challenges. Being a multinational company, Everteam could very well allow me to be exposed to multinational markets where I will face more challenges and opportunities in the IT field. Therefore I asked to be relocated to another office whenever there was going to be a vacancy in any of Everteam Subsidiaries in the MENA (UAE, KSA, Qatar,) or even Europe. That’s what happened, I applied for the position of Technical Unit Manager and my journey in KSA began.

When I moved to KSA I worked on many projects which really helped me grow my knowledge. Examples include;MOFA, MOMRA, KA CARE, MOT, SIDF, ADF, SASO, MOCI

What differs the market in KSA from Lebanon’s market?

KSA has one of the best infrastructures for IT innovations, and no doubt higher budget than Lebanon which means large scope projects. With the development of an industrial “smart city” in KSA beginning to take shape, acting on the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030, billions of dollars have been invested to modernize the country’s infrastructure preparing it for smart technologies and IoT.

KSA recently announced its budget for 2018, the largest ever yet. This is a demonstration of the government’s great optimism for its economic diversification and expansion plans. They aim to become global leaders in e-Governments by expanding their online services and improving their governance standards.

How do you contribute to the business intelligence in KSA’s market?

With the overall economic and financial situation the Arab countries are facing and KSA in specific, it is our duty to find solutions that are innovative enough to digitally transform these entities and cut the cost by ensuring high ROI for governmental entities.

Everteam has been included in Gartner’s report with a top position in the field of digital transformation, helping governments across the region adopt a smart and intelligent systems

and services. Everteam continues to invest in providing analytics capabilities on big data produced by KSA’s huge market. The analytics capabilities range from ordinary descriptive analytics which provide data visualizations to help users interpret the output to predictive analytics, and diagnostic analytics.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are definitely with Everteam. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to work here and I know there are many more opportunities that Everteam can present to me on a professional level. I look for more experience in project and operations management to take my career to a next level, especially that we are in the digital era, and Everteam is a leader in integrating modern technology to its solutions, allowing me to explore the latest technology trends such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, and Machine Learning.



From Beirut to Dubai, Career Opportunities Beyond borders! Everteam UAE Jobs


The third article from a series of personal opinions on how Everteam Global Services Employees in the Middle East feel about the products and solutions they ultimately participate in designing, is with Georges Zorba. Georges is a project Manager at Everteam UAE. Here is our interview with Georges telling us more about moving from Everteam Lebanon to Everteam UAE, all experiences he went through and details about Everteam UAE jobs!


I am a graduate from the American University of Science and Technology (AUST), where I studied Computer Science to follow my passion for programming, software design and engineering. My passion grew with Everteam when I started working for their offices in Beirut in 2008 where I stayed for 3 years before I moved to Dubai.


I started of working as a Lead Software Engineer on various projects like correspondence tracking, document management and high volume scanning for the Directorate General of the General Security in Lebanon and Bank of Beirut. I was also given the opportunity to work on projects for companies outside Lebanon like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lebanese Embassy in Qatar, also a project in the UAE before I moved there to work on Nakheel’s Enterprise Agreement ECM Project. Overall I was getting a diverse work experience with clients from various sectors with different needs. I moved to the UAE in the position of a Technical Team Leader, that’s when the nature of my work slightly changed as I was more involved in leading the analysis along with the implementation of everteam’s ECM projects. Few months later, I was heavily involved in the implementation of   the biggest and most advanced projects at Dubai smart government and other governments in Dubai.

Being an employee at Everteam is as good as being a customer since we are very much valued and appreciated as employees. My hardwork at Everteam did not go unnoticed. I was later promoted to a Project Manager, to lead projects with various prestigious clients, such as Office of H.H The Crown Prince of Dubai, Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department (Dubai), Sharjah e-Government and so on… My day-to-day tasks definitely changed from when I first started. I was given additional responsibilities and a team to lead and support for running projects. I had to manage the functional, technical and operational aspects of my projects, including time and budget monitoring, following up with the clients, conduct regular progress meetings to keep them informed about the project status, issues or risks identified. In short, I was performing all Project Manager’s duties to the fullest extent. It wasn’t long before I gained higher management’s trust at Everteam, which greatly motivated me, making me keep pushing my limits to offer our customers the best services efficiently and effectively.


There was only so much the Lebanese market could offer in terms of exposure and growth in experience. Everteam, being a multinational company could very well allow me to be exposed to international markets where I will face bigger challenges and larger opportunities in the IT field. It was what I wanted. Therefore whenever there was going to be a vacancy in any international office for Everteam (whether the UAE, KSA, Qatar, France or any other office), I knew I would want to go for it.  That’s what happened, I applied for the position of a Technical Team Leader and so my journey in the UAE began.


No doubt that the UAE is one of the pioneers in technological innovations. They are always the first in introducing new products and services making them a vital business hub for IT companies. The plan on creating a ‘Smart Dubai” is well underway as various initiatives have been made to contribute to a Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Governance, Smart Environment, Smart People and Smart Mobility dimensions. Everteam promotes efficient, seamless, safe and impactful solutions to contribute to smart cities, so the UAE is a perfect market. The fast-growing enterprise UAE market allows me to work with high level enterprise clients, governments, semi-governments and private sectors. The interaction happens with people from all over the globe who are specialized IT experts who can contribute to the growth of your career with the high professionalism they have and continued modernization activities.


With the UAE being a pioneer in innovativation and technology, we have to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies too. It comes without mentioning that Everteam is always on the lookout for integrating these new technologies into its products. It is my duty to work along this mindset and to always look for initiatives to develop new ideas into our ECM products. Everteam exists in various companies around the gulf, we don’t only have resellers, but we also offer the support and service needed after the solution is implemented, so our clients do not go through the hassle of dealing with disputes with sometimes very annoying resellers. By doing that we facilitate large projects like “Dubai Smart Governments” and so on. I make sure that our clients are always satisfied with our work by offering a high level of professional support as it is vital for our continuity and at the same time necessary to open new business opportunities with prospect clients.


I plan on working harder to gain more experience in project management and operation management as it is a critical position especially in our field where we have big projects with reputable companies to deliver our best of breed solutions on time in high standards. I will continue to develop my knowledge by catching up with the latest software trends and platforms such as blockchain, and to get the necessary certifications so we can start implementing them with our solutions.


From a Trainee to a Full Time Employee! Everteam Lebanon Jobs


We have started a new initiative among Everteam Global Services in the Middle East whereby Everteam employees are involved in sharing their experiences. This is the second article from a series of personal opinions on how they feel about the products and solutions they ultimately participate in designing. Mariana Haddad is a Lead Software Engineer for the project department at Everteam. Here is our interview with Mariana telling us more about Everteam Lebanon Jobs experiences and why she loves what she does!


I am a graduate from the Lebanese University carrying a B.A in computer science with an MS in web development. My journey at Everteam started in 2015. I entered as a trainee as it was a requirement from my University. My training at Everteam was for 7 months in the product department where we would develop the foundations of the solutions offered here at Everteam. After those 7 months were over I sat for an exam organized by Everteam to determine if I am eligible to get a permanent job after. I was lucky enough to get a job in the product department. This was the start to my career at Everteam. I am needless to say that Everteam is widely known for being an ECM company, offering content services around the globe with diversified product offerings and being a part of it was the ultimate dream.

Today, I am part of the project department. What does this department do?  The project department in an enterprise content management company is in charge of building up on the foundations of the solutions in response to the specific needs of the clients. Not all companies have the same needs and environment. The needs vary depending on industry, company size, nature and operating system. We can cater to all, which gives me as an employee a very diversified experience.


I like what I do because I find the whole concept of being able to structure the organization’s information wherever it exists dazzling! The fact that we can capture, manage, store, preserve content and documents all in a paperless environment to facilitate the workflow, can cut large unnecessary operating costs and even save trees. Chunks of paper documents can be archived to paperless applications. We can even manage all types of correspondence (fax, email, CD…) to a centralized interface. Everyday there is something new. New clients and new technologies. You start to push yourself to create the ideal solution. That’s the beauty of it, challenging yourself.


We are currently in the age of the digital world. Everything is transforming digitally and that is what we facilitate. Businesses are digitally transforming and we are helping them build a smart, confident and competent business structure. There are no limits in the digital world and we are keeping up with that. This is why I love my job! We are currently creating a proof of concept where we are trying to implement several new technologies to handle big data. We will be using new platforms like Hadoop and Spark which give us the ability to collect vast amounts of data and then distribute them on parallel working servers. Then, we use  advanced analytics techniques such as text analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics (available in  Eversuite Analytics solution) we visualize it all for the end user in dashboards.  In simple words : Huge amounts of data – low cost servers – new insights for better and faster decisions based on visualized data in user friendly dashboards.


Everteam has projects all over the globe. However since I worked on local projects I will list a couple that came to the top of my head. The Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Lebanon deployed CTS (correspondence tracking system) and SMS (student management system) over 1000 paperwork per day were only a “click” away. We also worked on which is an e-service website open for all Lebanese citizens to complete necessary services like applying for a new ID, new passport etc.. all over the internet.


It is very possible to build a career at Everteam as there are many opportunities. I started form the bottom and I am gradually making my way up the professional ladder. Through Everteam I am exposed to working with super important clients and various solutions. With hard work and consistence I believe that I can build and grow a solid career here. I am developing on a personal and professional level which is exactly what I am looking for in a workplace.