Chatbots | Technologically Redefining Customer experience

Whenever we face any obstacle with a service or a product purchased, our first instinct is directly getting in touch with the customer service department. It’s not hard to imagine the specific repetitive scenario used by this department and the long “on Hold” moments. To cut this traditional scenario, and to keep up with the Digital Transformation that’s taking all the spot light today, many industries are evolving their customer experience and implementing the new developed customer service solution: Chatbots.

The great combination of the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies, Chatbots have successfully improved the customer experience and saved a lot of time and costs for both parties.

Chatbot Family

When speaking about Chatbots, different types and characteristics come up. The main 3 types of Chatbots are:

  • Skills chatbots
  • Support chatbots
  • Assistant chatbots

Skills chatbots are not customer service related, as their function is limited to setting commands that are intended to make life easier, mainly used in smart houses to light your house’s living room or to ask you smart phone to call your mother.

On the other hand, Support chatbots and assistant chatbots are involved with the enhanced and developed customer service. Answering questions, supporting clients, interacting and filtering customers’ answers in order to direct them correctly through any process, are basically what these two types do. Besides being able to suggest other solutions, which can play a major role in the marketing of the products and services!

Everteam.chatbot Explained 

An Upgraded Level of Customer Service:

Chatbots shifted how the brands conversed with their end consumers by granting many benefits:

  • Provide your clients with a 24/7 assistance: By implementing everteam.chatbot, customers will be able to ask for information anytime, without needing to wait for opening hours or through holidays.
  • Process a large number of requests: How many parallel chats a human is capable of handling? Humans can only do so many things at one time. A maximum of three to four chats will be answered if relying on human employees. While our Chatbot can deal with unlimited customers at the same time without negatively affecting its service quality.
  • Understand costumers better due to Analytics and Data collection: The thing about everteam.chatbot, besides being chatty, is that they record everything: data, trends, frequently used words and metrics to subsequently monitor interactions and adjust their processes and responses accordingly.
  • Save time and money: Reducing operational costs, manpower and time by providing quick answers and solutions to customers with simple queries. Everteam.chatbot, by answering FAQs and simple questions, saves a lot of time for employees giving them more time to deal with the trickier calls that require a human presence.

The Best of Everteam Chatbots

Powered by AI, Everteam has developed an outstanding, fully integrated Chatbot with a long list of innovative features:

  • SMART is the main feature of everteam.chatbot. Its responses can be predefined: if you haven’t provided it with a specific response or information, it triggers other web services to retrieve the right response directly.
  • It literally learns from you. Our chatbot solution is equipped with a training ability, administrators are able to give the Bot the necessary information and follow a seamless training process. We call it “the ongoing learning”.
  • Chatbot works on site, it can be deployed and hosted on your local data center and function offline.
  • An intent driven Chatbot to enhance customer service experience. You don’t need to use a specific word or sentence to receive the correct answer, it understands you!

Where are these bots going next?

When looking at the future of any software, application or program, we should first consider the future of its components. Chatbots use Artificial Intelligence to run, and the field of AI is equal parts exciting and equal parts bewildering. While bots are learning from the customers behavior and chats, Machine Learning combined with Artificial intelligence are definitely going somewhere big! With AI and ML constantly evolving, the future of Chatbots is partially mysterious and scary for customer service’s employee!

The nightmare of bots completely replacing humans is still far, but not THAT far. Studies have shown that Chatbots are enhancing the customer service sector, directing and helping customers with their significant yet limited capabilities. Not to mention that a small part of the customer’s chart don’t trust bots and prefer addressing to a real human. So here’s our advice: mix it up!

Whenever you are ready to give your business a “Chatbot push”, reach out to us!