Building a data inventory

Building Your Data Inventory

Organizations are inundated with information. We collect, curate and use it everywhere and we have a lot of it. The volume and velocity of information collected are causing many challenges from storing it, to dealing ... Read More
Best Practices for DPO

GDPR Compliance: How You Can Ensure Ongoing Support

With the GDPR now in full force, many brands are waiting with bated breath for that first request; many have already received it. We all received dozens or more emails asking us to re-consent to ... Read More
Air France Selects Everteam.archive for electronic filing system

Air France Chooses Everteam to Set Up Its Electronic Filing System (SAE)

Everteam, a major player in enterprise content management and information governance, announces that it has been chosen by Air France to set up a scalable electronic records management system. Due to increasing growth in the ... Read More
IG Webinar

Webinar: Three Quick Wins to Kick Start Information Governance

A number of factors are driving the dramatic increase in attention to Information Governance. Regulatory compliance concerns remain key, and the new focus on privacy is adding urgency. At the same time, organizations are realizing ... Read More
Artificial Intelligence | Face Recognition

Artificial Intelligence in Face Recognition

Expert Opinion: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Face Recognition You did know that Face recognition existed way before iPhone X was released right? Face recognition is nothing new but the advanced technology due to ... Read More
Data Governance

Podcast Summary: Data Governance Starts with People, Not Technology

Morgan Templar has been doing governance and data work for over 20 years - before the data governance became the buzzword, it is today. She specializes in helping organizations get their programs off the road ... Read More
value of ML. NLP in InfoGov

Machine Learning, NLP and AI: Key to Information Governance

Imagine the information you store in your file shares. Now imagine how much information is stored in your accounting system, invoicing system, your email system, SharePoint... Now imagine you need to find a document and ... Read More
Everteam Acquires GlassIG

Everteam Announces Acquisition of GlassIG software, an Information Governance Solution for Information and GDPR

GlassIG adds new information governance capabilities to Everteam’s information management solutions and will support a wide range of ECM data source systems, network file shares and data stored in Cloud drives. LYON, FR – May ... Read More
discover your content with

An Inside Look at Managing Information in New Ways

Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Einstein wasn't just a genius, he was a smart man. We should step back and consider his ... Read More
5 Capabilities for InfoGov

5 Critical Capabilities for Successful Information Governance (revised)

It hasn't been a year since we started talking about the key capabilities of successful information governance, but like everything, our perspective has evolved thanks to the many discussions we've been having with companies struggling ... Read More
BI | Business Intelligence

[Press Release]Partnership with Qlik Effective Today! | BI Based Products Complimenting our Product Portfolio

Beirut, Lebanon – April 2018 - Everteam announces an effective strategic partnership agreement with Qlik whereby Everteam Global services becomes an Authorized Qlik reseller in the Middle East. Qlik is a world leader in data ... Read More
Defining InfoGov Software

Analyze This! Content Analytics Do not an Information Governance Solution Make

One of the challenges of being in the information governance software space is that there is no common definition of what constitutes an information governance solution. If everyone shared a common definition of what information ... Read More
InfoGov Resources

AIIM18 is Over, But the Learning Never Ends: #InfoGov Resources

The 2018 AIIM Conference may be over, but there is plenty of insights and knowledge left to share. Maybe your challenges lie in identifying and connecting to all the information assets in your organization. Or ... Read More
Partnership with Mutual Benefits for KSA ICT Sector

[Press Release]Partnership with Mutual Benefits for KSA ICT Sector

Recent Partnership with Jathwa Technology Riyadh, KSA – March 2018 - Everteam announces its recent partnership agreement with Jathwa Technology. An established IT company in Saudi Arabia. A partnership beneficial for both parties. Businesses and ... Read More