Artificial Intelligence in Content Services | Documation Lecture Summary

Artificial Intelligence in Content Services | Documation Lecture Summary

I was recently giving a lecture at Documation, an exhibition held in France Last week. The following is a blog post summarizing the main points with regards to AI and Content Services. From Enterprise Content ... Read More
AIIM Roundtable recap

My AIIM is True: A Shared Folder Remediation Love Story

Apologies to Elvis Costello.  Last week I had the opportunity to host a roundtable at the Association of Intelligent Information Management’s annual conference in San Antonio. If you are not familiar with the annual AIIM ... Read More
GDPR webinar

You’re Invited: How to Get Ready for GDPR with a Data Inventory

It is not mandatory to perform an in depth data inventory as part of your compliance to the GDPR. But let me ask you this: Do you know where all your customer information is located ... Read More
Best Practices for DPO

8 Best Practices to Become an Effective Data Protection Officer (DPO)

When the European Union voted in the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, they knew companies would need a lot of help ensuring they are meeting and continually following the regulation. To support companies, the EU ... Read More

Podcast Summary: How Application Decommissioning Can Improve ROI and Security in Your Org

It's rarely talked about in organizations, but application archiving and decommissioning has the potential to not only reduce costs and free up your budget for more innovative, modern solutions, but it also helps reduce the surface area for ... Read More
Spigraph Group joins Everteam | Two Global Leaders Ready for GDPR

Everteam and Spigraph join forces to become the European leader in Digital Transformation

Lyon, FR – 2018-04-02 – Everteam, the global leader in information governance, and Spigraph, the European leader in the capture and digital transformation market, announced their capital link-up this month. Everteam’s customers are large international ... Read More
content services

Enterprise Content Management: Transitioning to Content Services

For organizations who have been using FileNet, OpenText and Documentum, the need to plan a transition to alternative solutions is looming large. That is why many 2018 IT budgets include line items for projects to ... Read More
Internet of Things | What is it and Why is it Here to Stay?

Internet of Things | What is it and Why is it Here to Stay?

Internet of Things… People today are always connected, connected to computers, smartphones, tablets, and other products, fleets, infrastructures, markets and people. The connection of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and other devices ... Read More
KMWorld Award

Everteam Listed in KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

March 22, 2018 Boston, MA: Everteam, a leading technology provider of information governance and process automation solutions announced today it has been named to the 2018 KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. Every ... Read More
Application Decommissioning

Application Decommissioning: Stop Paying for What You Do Not Use

Based on past surveys, we have found that the majority of IT organizations have enterprise software systems that they continue to manage long after they have been replaced, solely as storage for content. The result ... Read More
searching for dark content

File Analytics: Shining Light in the Darkest Corners of Your Stored Content

From the conversations we are having, there appear to be three items earning a well-deserved place in IT leaders plans: File Analytics, Application Decommissioning, and ECM transition. Each of these topics has risen to the ... Read More
[Press Release]A Cloud Enabled, "light" Correspondence Tracking Solution

[Press Release]A Cloud Enabled, “light” Correspondence Tracking Solution

Details at the Upcoming Documation Exhibition Beirut, Lebanon – March 2018 - Everteam proudly launches a”light” version of everteam.correspondence, a cloud-enabled solution typically designed for small to medium enterprises. Everteam will be showcasing this new ... Read More
InfoSec and InfoGov

Podcast Summary: The Intersection of Information Security and Governance

If you think that information security is all about networks and firewalls and secure passwords, you would be correct. But there is so much more to information security than infrastructure and making sure we change ... Read More
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Information Governance

“Information is the oil of the 21st Century”. We have been hearing this phrase so often recently,  but what is the reason? We are in a data-driven world. We create data, we share data, we ... Read More