What Can You Do When All You Have is a Hammer Called DLP?

What Can You Do When All You Have is a Hammer Called DLP?

At Everteam, we meet with smart people in large organizations. Every week we find ourselves on calls and in conference rooms with business and IT executives talking about their information governance challenges. And it is ... Read More
Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement

Are You Ready to Retire Your Legacy Applications?

Application retirement is a top use case in enterprise organizations as they work to implement their digital transformation strategies. It's about leveraging new technology - including cloud-based applications, to take on new opportunities in digital, ... Read More
Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement

Everteam Releases new SAP Connectors, Listed in Gartner Market Guide for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement

Boston, MA; Lyon, France: Everteam, a leader in information governance and enterprise content management solutions is proud to announce that it is listed in the Gartner 2018 “Market Guide for Structured Data Archiving and Application ... Read More
Information Governance Tactical Projects

How to Identify Quick Win Information Governance Projects

You are neck deep in planning a cross-organization information governance initiative. You have a steering committee, agreement to move forward and are outlining your strategy. There's a lot of work to get done, and it's ... Read More
Regulatory Compliance to Follow

4 Regulations That Can Influence Your Governance Program

Regulatory compliance is something every company faces today, regardless of the industry they work in. And there are more than a few regulations that apply to each industry. Each regulation carries a set of rules ... Read More
building an IG initiative

Building a Strategic Information Governance Initiative

Information governance isn't something new, Morgan Templar told us in our recent webinar: Three Quick Wins to Kick Start Information Governance. Maybe you've called it something different, or didn't have a name for it at ... Read More
Privacy by Design

What is Privacy by Design

What is Privacy by Design and why is it important today? This is a topic we'll be diving into in the coming months. Editor's Note: This column was taken from AIIM's whitepaper, Information Privacy and ... Read More
InfoGov Technology Framework

Defining Your Information Governance Technology Framework

You have decided that it's time to put in place an information governance plan. It's a pretty big undertaking involving a combination of people, process and technology. It requires you to work with teams and ... Read More
agile records management

Creating an Agile Records Management Plan

The traditional approach to records management is a massive undertaking. You spend a great deal of time developing a complex file plan and record schedule only to find it doesn't exactly work as you expected ... Read More
Building a data inventory

Building Your Data Inventory

Organizations are inundated with information. We collect, curate and use it everywhere and we have a lot of it. The volume and velocity of information collected are causing many challenges from storing it, to dealing ... Read More
Best Practices for DPO

GDPR Compliance: How You Can Ensure Ongoing Support

With the GDPR now in full force, many brands are waiting with bated breath for that first request; many have already received it. We all received dozens or more emails asking us to re-consent to ... Read More
Air France Selects Everteam.archive for electronic filing system

Air France Chooses Everteam to Set Up Its Electronic Filing System (SAE)

Everteam, a major player in enterprise content management and information governance, announces that it has been chosen by Air France to set up a scalable electronic records management system. Due to increasing growth in the ... Read More
IG Webinar

Webinar: Three Quick Wins to Kick Start Information Governance

A number of factors are driving the dramatic increase in attention to Information Governance. Regulatory compliance concerns remain key, and the new focus on privacy is adding urgency. At the same time, organizations are realizing ... Read More
Artificial Intelligence | Face Recognition

Artificial Intelligence in Face Recognition

Expert Opinion: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Face Recognition You did know that Face recognition existed way before iPhone X was released right? Face recognition is nothing new but the advanced technology due to ... Read More