Paris, 10 September, 2019 - Everteam, a leading provider of Enterprise Content management and Information Governance software, announces that it has been selected by Groupe PSA as part of its strategic program to overhaul the ... Read More
Illuminate Dark Content

Digital Transformation and Dark Data: The Possible Outcome of Going Digital

Dark data and dark content are one of the many critical developments resulting from digital transformation efforts. To redress these issues, leadership must approach “going digital” in conjunction with information governance solutions. Products like everteam.discover ... Read More
Privacy Payoff

Webinar Wrap-up: Privacy pays off in increased trust, brand equity, and valuation

Last week, Everteam’s Chief Customer Officer Ken Lownie presented a webinar discussing how investments in privacy pay off in increased customer trust and brand loyalty. Below are the key points addressed in the webinar ... Read More
Two sides come together

Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance

In this current business environment, US and European organizations understand that gaining tighter control of sensitive information across their enterprise is paramount to compliant, trustworthy operation ... Read More
Building a strategy

More than a Nicety: Information Governance is a Growing Necessity

Privacy, transparency, and integrity have been casualties of the information age, but they can be regained through a concerted approach to information governance – with dramatic rewards for those who accept this challenge ... Read More
Structured and unstructured data

ECM 2.0: The Role of Federated Information Governance in the ECM / DM Evolution

The document management and enterprise content management has evolved beyond the centralized model into a broader spectrum of information governance ... Read More
Everteam and Technology Vs Corruption 

Everteam and Technology Vs Corruption

The world is leaning towards digital transformation and automated processes in its government transactions, aiming to improve the communication between citizens and public institutions. Technology, being a significant tool to change the rules of dealing ... Read More
Enhanced Cyber Security

Everteam Solutions for Enhanced Cyber Security

Data is changing the face of the world. It’s not just a buzzword we hear often and read about while browsing the internet, data today is the most valuable asset of any organization, business and ... Read More
The Compliance Mandate is Real as GDPR Enforcement Accelerates

The Compliance Mandate is Real as GDPR Enforcement Accelerates

Since its implementation in May of 2018, GDPR has been the subject of much discussion but little concrete action by many companies on both sides of the Atlantic. GDPR outlines stringent requirements for data and ... Read More
HOW TO Automate Classification

How to Automate Classification Without Losing Control

Content professionals are often faced with large volumes of content requiring classification. Rules-based processing and automated machine learning classification help make the content classification workload more manageable, but with trade-offs in accuracy, speed, or level ... Read More
information governance

Webinar Summary: How Everteam Supports CCPA Compliance

Where are you in your efforts to prepare for the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? If you’re like most companies, you’re either in the planning stages or still trying to wrap your heads around ... Read More

Everteam.iFile | Connect, Extract, Process, Manage and Analyze all your Stored Information

The rising value of data today requires a great effort to be managed and kept. A greater effort is required to grant a safe, smart and secure way to share and use this data, especially ... Read More
information asset management

From the CTO: From Information Governance to Information Asset Management

There is an evolution that needs to happen in the world of enterprise information management, but it’s going to take some time. We need to change our thinking from a pure information governance perspective - ... Read More
A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | everteam.chatbot

A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | everteam.chatbot

As previously discussed, Chatbots are a milestone in the marketing sector. Customer service, to be more specific, had witnessed a big improvement with the help of the Chatbot technology. What about the other marketing aspects? ... Read More