NYDFS Data Retention Req

Webinar Summary: Hacking the NYDFS Data Retention Rules

If you work in New York, then you know what the NYDFS cybersecurity regulation is all about. But for many, it can hard to figure out how each section applies to your organization. Everteam VP ... Read More
webinar everteam.discover

Webinar: Leveraging everteam.discover for Information Governance

Organizations need information - content, and data - to do their jobs. They also produce volumes of information as they perform our responsibilities. It's no wonder the amount of information is growing significantly every year ... Read More
International Collegiate Programming Contest

The Lebanese Collegiate Programming Contest | Developing the Skills of Our Youth

International Collegiate Programming Contest Digital Era... We are in the era of software and electronic engineering, in which developing the skills of the future generation in the field of information technology has become a must ... Read More
[Press Release]Everteam supports “Young Talent” as Gold Sponsor of the ACM-LCPC event

[Press Release]Everteam supports “Young Talent” as Gold Sponsor of the ACM-LCPC event

Beirut, September 28, 2018: Everteam shows its continuous support to the youth and the young talents. On September 28, the company participated as Gold Sponsor in the 10th ACM Lebanese Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-LCPC) organized ... Read More

Everteam Named Best Information Governance Company 2018 at InfoGovCon18

Paris (FR), Boston (US) - September 27, 2018 - Everteam, an information governance, and enterprise content services company, is happy to announce it has been named Best Information Governance Company at the 2018 Information Governance ... Read More
Case Study - discover

Case study: Information Governance Supports a New Way of Working for One Organization

In the midst of organizational change, an international bank has decided to set up various workplace improvement projects. Several projects focus on a flexible office (flex-office) approach designed to allow employees to “work in better ... Read More
Information Governance Small Ball Strategy

Information Governance: A Small Ball Strategy in Action

According to Wikipedia, the term “Small Ball” in baseball means: “An offensive strategy in which the batting team emphasizes placing runners on base and then advancing them into scoring position for a run in a ... Read More
Recruiting The Right Developers

Recipe for Recruiting the Right Developers | Beyond a Well Structured Interview

Recruiting The Right Developers Beyond a Well-Structured Interview… Every New Year brings with it hopefulness and confidence for new successful outcomes. People tend to put a list of resolutions to start making lifestyle changes to ... Read More
Information Governance, AI

everteam.discover Helps Organizations Maximize Information Governance through enhanced AI

Paris (FR), Boston (US) - September 18, 2018 - Everteam, a provider of information governance and content services solutions announces the latest version of everteam.discover, file and content analytics software that leverages AI technologies such ... Read More
discover, analytics

Introducing everteam.discover 2.1 for Information Governance

When you ask organizations what the biggest opportunity is for them, most will answer that it’s taking better advantage of their information for effective decision-making and competitive differentiation. And that makes sense. We capture and ... Read More
Doing Things Efficiently with Everteam and Qlik

Powerful Enough to Meet Your Needs | Doing Things Efficiently with Everteam and Qlik

Powerful Enough to Meet Your Needs Doing Things Efficiently with Everteam and Qlik The Bigger Picture… Further to the recent strategic partnership agreement between Everteam and Qlik recently, we wanted to put you in the ... Read More
Human curation and ML in file analytics

The Need for Human Curation and Machine Intelligence in File and Content Analysis

The use of AI, including machine learning for file and content analysis is in high demand and for good reason. Organizations deal with a large volume of data and content that is nearly impossible to deal ... Read More
NYDFS Cyber security Requirements

Webinar: Hacking NYDFS Data Retention Requirements in 3 Months

If you are a financial services company doing business in New York then you know that the NYDFS Cybersecurity regulations are in effect and you have limited time left to ensure compliance. Not sure if ... Read More
CIO Seat at the Table

The CIO’s Role in Business Transformation

“In today’s world, IT is business and business is IT. Organizations that continue to organizationally and conceptually isolate the two will fall behind competitors that treat IT and business as merely different sides of the ... Read More