Everteam UAE Jobs

From Beirut to Dubai, Career Opportunities Beyond borders! Everteam UAE Jobs

HERE IS WHY I LIKE WHAT I DO The third article from a series of personal opinions on how Everteam Global Services Employees in the Middle East feel about the products and solutions they ultimately ... Read More
GDPR and insurance companie

GDPR and insurance companies: what will change?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on May 25th. In the meantime, companies in the insurance sector, like the others, must comply with its new requirements ensuring that organizations are properly ... Read More
Reasons Legacy ECM should be replaced - Data Migration Strategy

7 Reasons Legacy ECM should be replaced – Your Data Migration Strategy Simplified

Shifting to a Modern Enterprise Content Management System Current Situation… Setting a data migration strategy is vital as there are many challenges with legacy systems. With Everteam, your data migration strategy is simplified. One of ... Read More
records management system

7 Core Capabilities for a Next Generation Records Management System

How much content does your organization store? I bet it's a lot. Content from customer interactions, content from product and services, content from internal processes, partners, suppliers, stores - the list goes on and on ... Read More
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Redefining the Future of e-Services? We have noticed many changes over the past decade in the digital pattern of the internet and many developments have happened. One of the latest and most repeated over the ... Read More
Protecting data

Who are the Data Controllers and Data Processors in GDPR?

In my last Blog, I talked about the definition of Personal Data and the various data protection actions that Data Controllers and Data Processors made apply to this Personal Data (Anonymize, Pseudonymize and Minimize). But ... Read More
Aurotech partnership

Everteam and Aurotech Partner to Support Information Governance Across Banking, Finance, and Insurance

Boston, MA: Everteam, a leading technology provider of information governance solutions and Aurotech, Inc, a management and technology consulting firm, announce a strategic partnership to support enterprise organizations’ efforts to improve archiving and records management ... Read More
Artificial Intelligence

Ready to be part of the “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” movement? We Are!

Artificial Intelligence in Action! So we cannot deny the fact that Artificial Intelligence has become the talk of the region in the past month. With the UAE assigning a minister for artificial intelligence and KSA ... Read More
GDPR and personal data

Personal Data in GDPR and How You Can Deal With It

In my last blog, I made a general intro of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the upcoming directive for data privacy due to come into effect on May 25th, 2018. GDPR grants broad rights ... Read More
From a Trainee to a Full Time Employee! Everteam Lebanon Jobs

From a Trainee to a Full Time Employee! Everteam Lebanon Jobs

HERE IS WHY I LIKE WHAT I DO We have started a new initiative among Everteam Global Services in the Middle East whereby Everteam employees are involved in sharing their experiences. This is the second ... Read More
digital transformation

An Interview: Modernization and the Legacy Systems Headache

Our own Dan Griffiths was approached this past summer to provide his insights into the legacy system headaches that organizations face today. You can read the full piece on the Finanicer.com website in their August ... Read More
Analytics for information silos

How Analytics Help You Manage Your Information Silos

Over time, companies accumulate large amounts of data across different systems and tools, creating information silos. For many organizations, it's difficult to manage shared access to these silos and control that access. At the heart ... Read More
Everteam partners with Liferay to deliver an end-to-end customer experience

Everteam partners with Liferay to deliver an end-to-end customer experience

Everteam partners with Liferay to deliver an end-to-end customer experience Beirut, Lebanon – October 27th 2017 - Everteam announces service partnership with Liferay, an agreement providing mutual benefits for both parties. In the age of ... Read More
Application Archiving types

Three Application Archiving Approaches: Which One is Your Organization?

Organizations approach managing product application content in different ways. There are a variety of decision drivers, but overall, we've found three fundamental types of organizational approaches: the Deliberate Hoarders, the Confused Collectors, and the Careful ... Read More