Digital Saudi Show 2030 | Interview with Bilal Hmedeh, Executive Manager, Discussing Everteams Role in the Digital Saudi Show and Overall Digital Transformation of the country

What role is Everteam looking at playing in realization of digital plans for Saudi 2030 vision realization?

While looking forward to working with enterprises with large scale projects such as data integration, Big Data, Analytics and IoT, Everteam offers top notch solutions that can push organization towards a quick diversification.
A new “Digital Transformation Unit” was formed within our company to better understand the 2030 vision along with the customer needs and provide the most appropriate approach for their transformation.

We are proud of the various successful projects and the role that we played in implementing this vision through the various applications that we have created with our customers in the Kingdom like MOFA and GAB (Shamel project). The General Auditing Bureau through “Shamel” executed by Everteam is now linked with all government entities across the Kingdom. This will enhance the cooperation and engagement between GAB and other governmental entities, enabling them to accelerate their processes in an accurate and secure manner. Everteam additionally worked on providing a platform for MOFA to deal with knowledge management through, everteam.document, everteam.process, everteam.record and
Being locally present in Saudi Arabia we are ready to give an expert consultation regarding Digital Transformation Plans.

As the Diamond sponsor for the Digital Saudi Show, what is the main message you would like to communicate through this association to the Saudi market?

Everteam is proud to be participating in the Digital Saudi Show 2030 as a Diamond Sponsor for the second consecutive year.

Having a strong and impactful presence in Saudi Arabia along with a deep-rooted experience, Everteam is here to prove to its customers its strong determination in offering them the best guidance and the best assistance in their Digital Transformation.

This year we will be presenting the “Everteam Diversification Plan” and how it is aligned with the 2030 vision. Moreover we will be introducing out latest solutions and innovations and how they can be adopted in the various governmental entities.

How can we better understand how to measure/assess customers’ experience along the customer journey, What approach would you suggest for companies looking to create a digital customer experience strategy?

Assessing a customer’s experience today is done digitally. Today’s customer is always “connected” and due to digital transformation, businesses have adapted their business models to comply with the new market system which is here to stay. Businesses are obliged to embrace technology by creating a digital working space to consequently deliver better measuring and assessment of a customer experience.

A company’s ultimate objective through digital customer experience is to create a connection with their customers which leaves them positive feedback. Customers come to Everteam, looking to create a digital customer experience strategy. Our strategy is setup to embrace a customer-centric view of their business in order to provide their customers with a consistent experience. Focusing primarily on digital customer experience, customers that choose to transform digitally are creating highly engaged customers which are more likely to react positively with the brand. Whether it’s referring their brand to friends & family, trying new products/ services from the brand, and being 100% loyal to the brand.

What’s the latest from Everteam for the future on `digital ‘ transformation and how will this impact organization in the coming decade?

The main focus of our Research and Development team is the ability to retrieve data insights without human intervention. Leading us to the implementation of AI, IoT and Analytics.
Nowadays, organizations are looking for smart solutions for content assimilation rather than basic objectives such as to digitize a paper. The understanding, classification, analysis and archiving of content became the main challenge.

While we are able to offer most of the solutions from Everteam, we always look to provide our customer with the best and latest innovations as a framework to strengthen our offerings. For that, we have advanced partnership agreements with Liferay, Talend and Qlik for customer experience, data intelligence and BI.

We are always keen on adding new partners which in turn complement our product offering in many ways discussed below. Our partnership with Liferay for a starter was established to deliver an end-to end integrated customer journey that starts from online channels such as the Web, Internet, or Mobile and ends in Everteam’s back-end content-enabled solutions.

Partnering up with Talend expanded Everteam’s product portfolio as they would support through their expertise in Data Management Software & Big Data for complex data integration and streaming projects. Everteam will continue to provide solid product offerings to its clients in, but will also use Talend’s advanced Data Fabric middleware solution to convert more and more organizations into data driven organizations through advanced big data management – data collection, extraction and analytics.

Qlik’s main duty is to manage and analyze structured data whereas Everteam is mainly focusing on enabling enterprises to build and manage content-driven processes that support a full range of business opportunities. Our partnership with Qlik means that any purchase from Everteam today will include an added service offering in BI data analytics.

 Who engages with you to lead digital transformation at organizations?

Digital transformation involves people, processes and technical aspects. As we lead a digital transformation project in an organization, our priority is to make sure that it is introduced to the organization as a mindset that should be adopted by everyone – people & processes.

From high level profiles to employees working on day-to-day tasks handling on ground activities. They are all briefed that we are not only providing them with a tool, but a whole new way of thinking.

This new way of thinking should be embedded within the day to day work of employees by top management. Therefore it is a strategy set by top management to be adopted by everyone in the organization.  The strategy then develops a culture within the organization which changes perspectives, shifting organizational thinking so that digital transformation takes root and flourishes.

Once this mindset runs throughout the organization, we embed the “technical” aspect to the transformation as we start to deploy the needed solutions for the organization to go digital.