Crown Prince of Dubai’s Office (CPD) selects Everteam to automate its correspondences

17th of September 2015 – UAE, Everteam, the leading provider of integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in the Gulf region, announced today that the Director General Office of HH the Crown Prince of Dubai (CPD), which manages the correspondences of most government entities in Dubai, has chosen to implement its top-notch Correspondence Tracking System.

CDP  mainly collaborates with most governmental entities in the UAE and manages the letters exchanged with them.

Faced with an overload of daily correspondences coming in and out of the office, it became crucial to implement a system that can automate these correspondences by electronically capturing, registering, and processing them in a timely-effective and structured manner.

Due to Everteam’s notability in the ECM field and its ability to fulfill all requirements, the Director General Office chose to implement its EverSuite Correspondence Management Solution.

This advanced solution will capture all paper-based correspondences, and electronically index and store them in a central repository; allowing the Office’s authorized users to seamlessly and securely search and retrieve correspondences whenever needed.

Moreover, the Director General Office frequently produces detailed reports, which usually take several days or even months to be completed; while with EverSuite Correspondence Management Software, a report can be generated with just a few clicks, enabling employees to swiftly perform and complete their tasks.

Furthermore, the Office usually needs to track down information related to the frequent travels of its employees; so instead of searching several hours in a large pile of paperwork to find the profile of a certain employee, EverSuite Correspondence Tracking will enable privileged users to easily and securely access the system and track profiles in mere seconds.

In brief, implementing EverSuite Correspondence Management System will enable the Director General Office to better control its exchanged correspondences, as well as to optimize the productivity and efficiency of its employees by simplifying their tasks and accelerating the time to perform them.

“We feel honored that an influential client such as the Director General Office has chosen to implement our ECM solution. Indeed, we take pride in being the first choice of several well-known government entities across the Arab world”, says Mr. Hani Hannoun – Country Manager of Everteam, UAE.

About the Crown Prince of Dubai (CPD):

The Crown Prince of Dubai’s vision revolves around the homeland, the citizens, and the hard work to participate in the development and prosperity of the country under wise leadership. The most important pillars of the vision are the activation of UAE’s youth capabilities to effectively participate in the development process and heavy investment in any project that shall enhance the economic and social welfare of UAE’s citizens.

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