correspondence management and digital transformation stragegy

ECM, part of a Digital Transformation Strategy

The EverSuite ECM platform is being more and more considered as part of a digital transformation strategy that an organization wants to execute. Rolling out as a complete end to end platform, addressing content governance through document management, next generation correspondence management, adaptive case management, and content analytics, or as a modular approach based on the suite of products that we provide, an organization can start with a quick win, then naturally scale to additional modules depending on the scope and budget of the project.

As a quick win, most of the organizations start with correspondence management that capitalizes on ad-hoc and collaborative workflows.

Next generation correspondence management system is much more than the traditional concept of capturing data pertaining to incoming and outgoing correspondence. In fact, 80% of our correspondence implementations in the region are related to migrating older system versions, and transcending from the traditional “Incoming/Outgoing” mindset to a next generation solution. Today admin correspondence systems are going through radical changes, due to many factors that we took into consideration when engineering EverSuite solutions:

Consumerization: end user expectations are not the same today with young generation entering the government workforce. The user experience we get when visiting the apple store, when going on Linked In, logging to our gmail account, browsing our tablets and smartphones, not only is a pleasant user experience but it also requires a zero learning curve, so we want to get this user experience to the enterprise software. This is what we have done through providing native IOS and Android versions of our solutions, a pure HTML 5 user experience, that is rapid and provides responsive design, and catered to the new generation. We have provided a diversified user experience for task workers, information workers and executive user experience, traditional “sadir/warid” software that is designed for the old school, and the focus has been mostly on correspondence data and workflow of correspondence, but today especially in light of the 2030 vision in Saudi Arabia, this is not sufficient. Organizations want to be able to better collaborate, want to be task and KPI driven, as well as digitally transform when exchanging correspondence within internal, as well as external stakeholders, through the use of innovative e-forms and templates management.

EverSuite correspondence management system is built on top of EverSuite Core, the nucleus to any EverSuite application, where the correspondence solution is truly next generation and innovative. It has been the result of a 3-year and highly budgeted R&D project in Everteam France. The aim has been to produce a completely HTML 5 based solution, natively Arabic enabled, based on comprehensive document and case management frameworks, and available in 2 versions, SharePoint and J2EE, with an identical User Experience that caters to task workers, information workers, as well as executive and mobile workers.