The world is leaning towards digital transformation and automated processes in its government transactions, aiming to improve the communication between citizens and public institutions. Technology, being a significant tool to change the rules of dealing with corruption, helps in developing and implementing effective anti-corruption policies and procedures which is essential to reduce, fight and control corruption.

How Does Technology Help? 

Technology aims to facilitate the work process in a way that contributes to the completion of transactions and the development of departments and reduces human intervention, which limits the charging of bribes, favoritism and intermediaries.

According to the United Nations, easy-to-access data will improve policy decisions and increase accountability. A study published at the World Economic Forum on the impact of technology in combating corruption and waste, shed light on how technology contributes to transparency in government institutions by creating precise algorithms in government transactions and developing innovative programs to detect and deter fraud and deception.

In this context, several programs were pioneered that contribute to the detection of corruption and transparency through the use of big data technologies and open data, as well as the use of complex data processing algorithms.

The Role Everteam is Playing…  

Big data analytics, artificial intelligence, mobile applications and other software are valuable tools to prevent, detect, investigate, and prosecute corruption. Everteam has launched several platforms that help regulatory bodies and government institutions monitor the work of departments and institutions and allow the detection of fraud, administrative negligence and bribes. The systems also provide effective access to the information of each department, its regulations and related documents.

Everteam creates solutions that enable analysts to identify deviations, detect fraud, deception, file manipulation, and predict the overall behavior of employees by integrating anti-corruption analyzes into rules and regulations. Everteam AI based software can filter text messages, audio files, e-mail and other data in manageable groups and uncover potential relationships among them, helping to frame and reduce corruption.

All content management solutions from Everteam support the security and safety of the entity and its data. SAIF (Safety, Analytics and Investigation Framework) for example operates with everteam.iFile, a full-featured secured solution that supports key business processes and workflows. SAIF allows organizations and governments to communicate securely under one intelligent file and to file, process, route track and monitor all types of content.

Another anti-fraud solution, everteam.inspection. This full-featured solution manages the on-site inspection procedures and routines for different sectors (construction, road safety, healthcare, hospitality…). The solution is designed to help inspectors collect accurate information and perform a list of predefined tasks in order to accomplish comprehensive inspection operations necessary to ensure compliance with the standards and codes set by the organization.

Being a world-class software vendor, Everteam developed a data analysis program that reviews data from various public and private institutions. This Anti-corruption software is developed specifically to detect and respond to fraud, including data mining for data sets and administrative procedures.

Everteam uses mobile technology and applications to harness data and gain insight into the work of departments. This technology is used to empower citizens in remote areas, facilitate and simplify access to information without any hindrance. It contributes to the prevention of administrative corruption through enhanced analysis and actual measurement indicators and dashboard in real-time.

By building smart management and risk management software Everteam helps reducing financial and administrative waste. The dashboards of these software used to enhance data analytics, monitor the deviations present with predictive status, show the performance of private projects and tenders, compare them with established objectives, evaluate the performance of employee departments and keep all related documents, correspondences and data archived in safe repository for the future. This tool helps accordingly in making appropriate decisions to reduce fraud and deception in institutions.

Real Success Stories…

General Auditing Bureau: 

The General Auditing Bureau (GAB), in collaboration with Everteam, successfully implemented SHAMEL, an electronic auditing platform, designed by Everteam that helps with the automation of its business procedures. This was part of the overall plan that the kingdom has initiated; Saudi Vision 2030 for creating smart cities. The objective of this project is to facilitate all necessary communications and eliminate errors, monitor all types of activities related to Auditing to fight corruption, fraud and embezzlement of funds.

Emirates Identity Authority:  

Having to deal with numerous types of forms that correspondence may take, from paper documents, letters, emails, electronic documents, fax and web content, manually dealing with incoming and outgoing correspondence leads to higher processing time, inefficient information worker allocation and increased cost for managing and monitoring this massive amount of information, not to mention the risk of forging, misplacing, damaging, and losing documents.

To maintain a high level of safe and accurate services, EIDA decided to deploy Content Management Solution at the Enterprise level to cover Document Management and Information Lifecycle Management, managing the entire lifecycle of documents from the production to the storage stage, and Correspondence Tracking and Management to automate its correspondences within and outside the Ministry.

Future Expectations…

Fighting corruption grabs today’s headlines, especially in the region. The technology and digital transformation strategies established by Everteam in many countries worldwide have proved effective in developing the service and reducing corruption. These tools have become sophisticated enough to deal with fraud and extortion in government transactions, thus reducing the extent of corruption and eliminating it in the future.

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