Everteam Awards Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services Best Partner of the Year

Riyadh, KSA – March 2019 – Everteam proudly awards Jeraisy as their best partner for the year 2018 and renews agreement for 2019.

The announcement was made in the presence of Veronique Bloque Hraoui, President of Everteam Global Services, Bilal Hmedeh, Exectutive Manager at Everteam, Sheikh Abdelrahman Al-Jeraisy, Chairman at Jeraisy and Dr.Khaled Al-Jeraisy, CEO at Jeraisy. This comes further to thee “Platinum” partnership agreement signed during June 2017. Through which Jeraisy Group became an authorized seller for Everteam solutions and products.

The aim of this partnership is to deliver the most advanced technologies & data solutions to the highest number of corporates in the Kingdom who wish to take their businesses to a whole new level through automation. Jeraisy Group now promotes more than 4 cutting-edge solutions concerned with enterprise data automation and management.

“Our partnership with Jeraisy is important towards Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. A “Digital Transformation Unit” was formed within our company to better understand customer needs and provide the most appropriate approach for their transformation to ultimately create smart cities. We look forward to working, alongside Jeraisy, with enterprises on large scale projects such as data integration, Big Data, Analytics, AI and IoT.” stated Bilal. “What helps is the general awareness in both public and private organizations in KSA. They understand the importance of automation and the vital role it plays for Digital Transformation and vision 2030.” added Veronique.

As strong believers in the power of automation, Jeraisy Group is committed to delivering the latest solutions to its customers in order to improve their business practices. Particularly Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services, a subsidiary of Jeraisy Group specialized in IT, data, software, and solution matters; this collaboration with Everteam will provide the company with solutions that will be a valuable addition to the company’s product offering while being in line with vision 2030.

“Our collaboration with Everteam is on an international level. Businesses will match the latest universal data management standards and practices through a variety of solutions which will transcend the operations to a whole new level.” said corporates from Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services.

We strive to continue this mission in being able to match the desires of with businesses operating in Saudi, using our high-tech solutions to maximize the benefits and help them develop their operations.