Everteam Contributes to Building and regulating ICT Community in Lebanon,

LEBTECH Powered by Everteam

Beirut, November 2018: Everteam the leading ECM provider in Lebanon and the EMEA region, brought important specialized insights to the panels of LEBTECH, that discuss progress and creation of legal frameworks and other pressing issues that face the local IT community in Lebanon under the umbrella of the Lebanese IT Syndicate.

LEBTECH is the event that launched the first national Lebanese IT Community’s progressive platform, gathering the leaders of the sector under one roof. The main objective of LEBTECH is to shed the light on the Lebanese IT Community, allowing members to talk over key topics, vital to the development of the industry’s potential in the country.

On the same note, Roni Oneissi, VP Expertise and Solutions at Everteam, was on a panel that saw participants debating around a particularly critical topic nowadays which is Digital Transformation in Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. As a pioneer in digital transformation and e-government issues, Everteam helped in bringing insightful content to the session, while ensuring IT community peers can benefit from its expertise in this field.

Mr. Antoine Hraoui, CEO of Everteam, explained that this participation is of critical importance to Everteam and the IT community in Lebanon. “We regard LEBTECH as a great platform to advance the legal frameworks and syndical organizational issues that will definitely help the IT sector in this country compete for a better global standing and eventually create a greater value for our economy as whole,” he noted.

The opening LEBTECH panel discussed the introduction of the new Lebanese Information and Technology Law, a session that was led by MP Nadim Gemayel and Former minister and MP Nicolas Sehnaoui. The event included introducing the upcoming Lebanese Syndicate, the launching of the Lebanese IT Community, and the positive roles of ICT in Public and Private Sectors. Fraud, Cyber security, and ISO were also topics of discussions between IT leaders.

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