One Step Closer to Saudi Vision 2030 | General Auditing Bureau Conclude the Fourth stage of SHAMEL with Everteam

Riyadh, KSA – March 2019 – An event was held at the General Auditing bureau to conclude the fourth stage of linking the government entities under GAB’s supervision to the Smart Electronic Auditing Platform “SHAMEL” project with Everteam. The platform which was designed by Everteam, linked more than 180 government entities within the Kingdom in various sectors including civil and military bodies, institutions and companies. The event included launching the system’s electronic library, discussing the future vision of the system and the roadmap of the next stages.

The General Auditing Bureau (GAB) was very keen on implementing electronic procedures that help with the automation of its business procedures. This was part of the process in achieving Saudi Vision 2030 for creating smart cities, the National Transformation Program 2020, and in order to implement the strategic plan for the digital transformation of the General Auditing Bureau.

SHAMEL is a smart electronic auditing platform, designed by Everteam in conjunction with specialists in financial supervision and auditing methods from the General Auditing Bureau. It aims to automate all auditing processes performed by GAB. This is to facilitate and accelerate the exchange of electronic documents and audit results with the entities supervised by the Bureau through the Governmental Secured Network (GSN) and the National Information Center (NIC). The ultimate goal of this plan aims to connect more than 1000 governmental and semi-governmental entities covered by GAB’s supervision with the Smart Electronic Auditing Platform.

SHAMEL was designed to be the latest and innovative digital solution within the global financial control industry. The importance of a comprehensive system lies in the fact that it’s a significant and qualitative step in the process of achieving digital transformation within the Kingdom and with all government entities. SHAMEL also contributes to enhancing transparency, improving the efficiency of performance and decreasing administrative and oversight effort between the Bureau and all government entities.

This platform replaces the traditional financial control methods based on paper and old systems, to provide all users with more powerful tools to conduct electronic audits, send notes to government entities and respond electronically to audit observations through a unified platform.

“Developing the smart electronic auditing platform “SHAMEL” is one of the most valuable projects within the digital transformation plan designed by Everteam. It includes all parties and oversight work stages, and a diversity of supervised actors, with which the Bureau works and coordinates. We are very proud of this achievement.” Stated Ali Hmedeh, Head of SHAMEL, Everteam.

“The overall progress includes managing and archiving documents with the application of security standards. Lowering paper work usage and procedures that rely on paper. Reducing manual data entry and improving ways to build on it. All while continuing to reduce operating costs and enhance operation efficiency. These are steps we must continue to take become a fully digitally transformed government coherent with Saudi Vision 2030” stated Ahmed Mohamed Al Hussein, General Supervisor of SHAMEL, General Auditing Bureau.

Training workshops were held for more than 2000 employees from all parties who completed the linking process. The employees were trained on how to prepare and send financial statements to the Bureau. In addition to responding to the observations of the Bureau which led to upgrading the service level and the total dispensation of paper transactions.