Everteam.iBPMS 8.1 Offers Secure Services Out of the Box

Boston, MA, April 10, 2017 Everteam, a provider of enterprise information management solutions, releases the latest version of its intelligent business process automation solution, everteam.process. Part of the Eversuite platform, everteam.process provides enterprises with the ability to automatically secure their business processes using the latest web technologies.

Security is not typically built into business process services. Instead it’s implemented through a second layer by another technology: a policy management system like SiteMinder or using reverse proxy. This two step approach to securing business processes requires extra time and effort and can lead to delays in deploying processes across the enterprise.

everteam.ibpms 8.1 eliminates this two-step approach to security by introducing Secure Services. Services supporting business processes and out of the box API are now secure by default, enabling administrators to easily indicate which services they decide to enable to external callers, what networks those services are available on and who is authorized to access the services, all from within the iBPMs environment.

In addition to the traditional everteam token session technology, everteam.ibpms Secure Services now include support for JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), a self-contained, digitally signed and stateless system to system authentication approach, widely used today for authentication and Single Sign On.

By supporting JWT for authentication and authorization, customers engaging in corporate wide adoption of modern standards for interapplication authentication can leverage everteam.ibpms technology without disrupting their current development and deployment strategies

According to Esteban Felipe, product manager for everteam.ibpms, “The addition of Secure Services to everteam.ibpms means that our customers can automate business processes quickly while incorporating the full capabilities of JWT, without additional coding or integration.”

The release of everteam.ibpms 8.1 is a continuation of Everteam’s efforts to address the needs of highly complex and varied enterprise processes. It’s this work along with a strong focus on empowering the business analyst that landed Everteam on CIOReview’s list of the top 20 most promising BPM vendors for 2017.

In recognizing Everteam, Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview said “Everteam’s comprehensive intelligent process automation solution delivers an enterprise-class platform to design, deploy, and manage the most complex business processes.”

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