Everteam honors Saudi Ports Authority (SPA)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 29th of March 2016 – Everteam, the leading provider of integrated solutions in the Gulf and Middle East, honored Saudi Ports Authority (SPA), on the 29th of March 2016 at the 4 seasons Hotel in Riyadh.

Earlier this year, Everteam, had successfully deployed its EverSuite ECM solutions at SPA, enabling it to achieve a paperless environment, streamline its documents and correspondences automation and tracking processes, accurately archive large volumes of data, seamlessly search and retrieve information, and secure valuable information.

After the successful implementation of this project, Everteam decided to honor SPA for its commitment and support by holding an award ceremony on the 29th of March 2016 at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Riyadh.

During this ceremony, Mr. Tareq Hussainan, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at SPA, talked about the various benefits that SPA has achieved with the implementation of this solution.

On the other hand, Everteam, represented by it Regional Manager covering Saudi Arabia, Mr. Bilal Hmedeh, highlighted the latest trends and innovations of the company in general, while showcasing the latest release of EverSuite Correspondence that was launched earlier this month.

Everteam is glad to have honored several key players and project leaders from SPA who contributed in the successful deployment and acceptance of the EverSuite project. This ceremony was held as an event of appreciation to all the SPA professionals who have put a great effort into making this project a huge success.

“We are immensely thankful for SPA’s commitment towards this project, which has been successfully completed due to the support of all SPA professionals who have exerted all their efforts in transforming the concept of a paperless office into a concrete, realistic one ”, says Mr. Bilal HMEDEH – Regional Manager of Everteam, KSA.

About Saudi Ports Authority (SPA):

Saudi Ports Authority (SPA) is a large scale government organization that offers transshipment and re-export facilities, as well as transit services. It aims at providing efficient and modern port complexes, ensuring a secure environment for individuals, properties, and cargos, in addition to minimizing obstructions of cargo flows through the Kingdom’s ports. SPA also strives to ensure that all local authorities are financially self-sustaining and fiscally strong.