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Everteam Process Listed as KMWorld Trendsetting Product for 2017

We all like accolades, especially when they are related to the hard work we do everyday developing and creating products designed for our customers. That’s why we are excited that our business process automation software everteam.process is listed as a Trendsetting Product for 2017.

Here’s what they listed about everteam.process:

Everteam: Everteam.process—latest version introduces a new business activity monitoring (BAM) dashboard that helps easily monitor processes; the dashboard is enabled by default, so all the administrator needs to do is configure it.”

You don’t need a complex, expensive business process management solution. In most cases, what you need is process automation capabilities such as process orchestration or workflow automation and that’s where our BPA solution can help. If you need a way to utilize data and processes from existing systems and expose them in business applications, web portals or mobile apps, everteam.process is worth looking at. Our business process automation solution helps automate existing systems’ interactions and processes and expose them via web services in your customer-facing business applications.

Process automation gives you a cost-effective way to modernize your legacy systems and get past the rigidity of existing black box systems that no longer provide all the functionality you need to support your employees or customers. It enables you to leverage existing data and processes in new ways, driving true transformation in your organization. This business transformation is our focus as we continue to build on our process automation offering.

“Our 2017 KMWorld Trend-Setting Products result from innovation and imagination, as well as from evolution,” says Sandra Haimila, editor of KMWorld. “The products reflect the ingenuity of the developers and the diversity of invention. More than anything else, the 2017 Trend-Setting Products have captured our attention because of their ability to meet business needs by transforming information into insight.”

To learn more about how process automation is driving today, and tomorrow’s business transformation, download our whitepaper: Empowering Customer Experience with Process Automation and check out more details on our business process automation software.

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Everteam is a global software vendor specializing in information governance, content management and process automation solutions for mid to large corporate enterprises and government entities. With over 25 years experience and innovation in the field of Enterprise Content Management. Everteam works with enterprise customers across the world, including Florida Blue, First Financial Bank, Orbitz, St. Gobain, Singapore Airlines, BNP Paribas, British Sky Broadcasting and Slate Street. Everteam is headquartered in Lyon (EU) and Boston (US), with regional offices in Beirut, Dubai and Paris.

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