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Everteam.mea to sponsor the “4ème Assises Transformation Digitale en Afrique”

France – 14th of October 2015 everteam.mea, the leading provider of integrated ECM solutions in Europe, Gulf, Middle East and Africa, announced today that it will be sponsoring, through its African partner isTEC, the “4ème Assises Transformation Digitale en Afrique – Les Enjeux de la Smart City”, which is an event organized by CIO Mag in partnership with the Club of Chief Information Officers (DSI) in France.

After realizing the need for promoting the use of information systems in enterprises and African authorities, in addition to creating communications support to highlight the best practices, CIO Mag started to participate in the launch of the DSI Club in several African countries. The fourth edition will be held on the 29th and 30th of October 2015 in Paris, hosted in the auditorium “Pavillon Dauphine”.

During this two day seminar, everteam.mea through its African partner IsTEC, will be showcasing its expertise in the field, by demonstrating its cutting-edge ECM software to the attendees of this event. Attendees will also discover the company’s latest solutions, technologies and practices that led to combining Enterprise Content Management tools and know-how with the innovative latest state-of-the-art Security, Analytics and Investigation Framework at the service of cities, to provide smarter and safer cities.

The 2 day event will cover various related topics:

[list-ul type=”circle”][li-row]October 29:

  • “Infrastructure, base of the development of smart city”, an introductory step to establish the overall smart city architecture and framework, and transform it into a smart–ready city using leading edge technology.
  • “Ecosystem and digital sector (tech hubs, incubators…), innovation facilitators within the smart city”, how to enable enterprises and communities to leverage technology and innovation, at the service of smart cities.
  • “Urban big data, the data at the heart of the smart city”, the impact of Big Data on smart cities, and how to improve the quality of life by joining the key elements of smart technologies and sustainable practices.
  • “Smart city application platforms (mobility and transport, energy management, water management…)”, high-level practices and project ideas in order to provide enhanced citizen-services.[/li-row]

[li-row]October 30:

  • “Development strategies of digital projects and Governance”, innovative strategies used to bring governments closer to citizens and businesses by utilizing new technologies.
  • “Technical cooperation, public-private partnerships and financing of digital infrastructures and services”, finding inventive ways to improve the services that matter most to city residents, such as education, economic development, healthcare, public safety, transportation, and social services.[/li-row][/list-ul]

This two day event will gather a large number of experts in the field of Smart Cities, including ICT ministers, mayors, and managerial personals representing several African countries such as Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Morocco.

About CIO Mag’s event:

Launched in partnership with AUSIM (Association of Information Systems Users in Morocco), both editions AfroCio – gathering of African DSIs – that took place in Marrakech in 2006 and 2008, have revealed the need to create a framework for consultation and dialogue in order to promote the use of information systems in enterprises and African authorities, in addition to creating a communications support in order to highlight the best practices.

Cio Mag a pan-African magazine dedicated to the digital transformation in Africa started to invest in order to participate in the launch of the DSI Club in Senegal (2009), Tunisia (2010), Cameroon (2010), Algeria (2010), Congo (2012), in partnership with the “Pratic Association” in Burkina Faso (2013). To date, 25 IT forums have been organized in a dozen countries, including France, where Cio Mag organizes each year events of the digital transformation in Africa.

About everteam.mea and isTEC:

Everteam is a French based company specializing in Enterprise Content Services. It offers a wide range of ECM solutions ranging from capture, to the management, storage and archiving of enterprise content, covering the complete content lifecycle.

Everteam.mea, the subsidiary of everteam in the Middle East and Africa, is a world-class company with local presence in the region. Everteam.mea delivers, in addition to its comprehensive suite of integrated ECM solution, two additional focus areas: Corporate Business Solutions and Safety, Analytics and Investigation Framework…

International Solutions & Technologies (isTEC), which provides high technologies solutions for major companies (Banks, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Distribution, Industries…) and for Administrations / Governments, is the African partner of everteam.