The future of enterprise content management

The Evolution of Enterprise Content Management

Forrester released two of its latest reports: Forrester Wave: Enterprise Content Management: Business Content Services, Q2, 2017 and The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management — Transactional Content Services, Q2 2017. Along with assessing 13-15 ECM vendors, of which Everteam was listed as a “Strong Performer” in both reports, Forrester also talks about the current state of the ECM market and the transition that is taking place.

It’s a transition we understand very well at Everteam. It’s not enough to have an enterprise content management platform with a number of products that integrate and provide a range of capabilities. Today, we need to recognize that there is a real problem with information governance. Organizations are struggling to get control of their data and content. And that information is increasing substantially every year. But you can’t simply drop in a complex ECM platform and resolve all your problems in one fell swoop. If only it were that easy.

When we talk to organizations, we find that more often they are looking for a solution to a specific problem. Maybe it’s to retire an application, manage records of an acquired company, or archive information no longer necessary to the day to day business. Whatever the challenge, a full ECM suite is not always needed. What is needed these days is a business-specific content workflow solution that is independent of the ECM, but can tap into the central content repositories as well as the myriad other repositories and applications across the enterprise.

Content Services Across the Board

Forrester talks about two types of core content services that organizations need. Business content services support employees as they create and manage content as part of their day to day activities. Forrester notes “flexible user interfaces, document management, team collaboration and secure file-sharing” as key capabilities.

Transactional content services involve customer-focused processes, often in high volumes and usually originating with external parties like customers or partners. Business process management, multi-channel capture, and e-forms are noted by Forrester as key transactional content services capabilities.

When I first started working with Everteam, the one thing that impressed me the most was the breadth and depth of the technology that Everteam has. I liken it to box of Legos that you can mix and match to support whatever business requirements you have. Not every ECM vendor supports both business and transactional content services, but Everteam does. And our approach to delivering on those services has enabled us to support a wide range of customers at the department level and up.

Process Automation and Analytics: Key Everteam Capabilities

There were many commonalities across Everteam’s evaluations in both reports including “A strong commitment to research and development is evident, with customers solving complex content management challenges in markets such as government, defense, media, insurance, and energy.” Also noted was Everteam’s investment in improving the usability of its products and solutions particularly around metadata and document and records management.

But there are two key capabilities that are especially key to our offerings: the deep integration of analytics into business content services and the integration of process services capabilities into the core ECM and analytics portfolio.

Organizations need to be careful about analytics. Running reports on content is one thing, and it’s important to do, but actually analyzing what the data says and acting on it is another. It’s also critical to understand not just the metadata of a document or record, but the actual contents of that document. Everteam specializes in bringing together structured and unstructured content, but associating the two is the hardest part, and it’s a key part of our analytics capabilities.

Our process automation capabilities originated with the acquisition of BPM vendor Intalio. For the last year, we have worked hard to integrate process services into our core ECM platform as well as improve the capabilities of BPM overall. Things like the Analyst Workbench, Secure Services, and Ad hoc Processing ensure that business users have the tools they need to get the job done.

There’s More to Everteam

It’s always rewarding to be recognized by independent research firms like Forrester and Gartner, but we know that you can’t get all the information you need from these reports to make a decision to work with us. I invite you to reach out and let us know the challenges you face and how you are dealing with them. We have a great team who would love to help you.

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