KSA’s General Auditing Bureau (GAB) achieves success with EverSuite

Established in 1971, the General Auditing Bureau (GAB) is the first independent audit institution in Saudi Arabia. Its role comprises post-auditing and exercising auditing control over the state’s revenues, expenditures, movable and fixed assets.

In the past few years, GAB has undergone a pivotal step in digitizing its core business processes pertaining to the auditing of governmental organizations. Indeed, it has implemented a unified content and workflow platform using EverSuite Solutions for Enterprise Content and Case Management, consequently leveraging the Microsoft SharePoint Platform. GAB’s main objective was to automate its core auditing processes, and allow governmental organizations to integrate with it through the YESSER Government Service Bus (GSB).

In fact, GAB was having a hard time handling its daunting manual tasks, and was lacking of an automated system capable of managing the lifecycle of its audit operations. For that reason, it wished to develop an informational procedural system that includes all parties and stages of the audit work.

Additionally, it wanted to improve the integration possibilities with various applications in order to implement electronic procedures that help with the automation of its entire business processes.

Furthermore, GAB requested to migrate its existing reports, documents and data to the new system.

Among other solutions, everteam.mea offered GAB its dynamic Enterprise Case Management Solution, which was able to automate, manage, analyze, and monitor its audit operations and shared content, in addition to monitoring the performance of its employees, thereby enhancing its decision-making process. This solution provided GAB’s concerned personnel with the ability to track the financial operations and management contracts that were audited and reviewed in each government entity.

The platform is on its way to becoming the main hub by capturing all governmental financial documents subject to auditing, analyzing the content based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business rules, and archiving all content in a the unified EverSuite ECM repository. Accordingly, government organizations are now capable of submitting all the data pertaining to audit on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, using the exposed EverSuite Case Portal, or through the GSB hub.

Furthermore, Our Case Management Tools has enabled GAB to manually scan highly sensitive financial documents through traditional scanning. This solution was also empowered with a batch import utility that captured and categorized all GAB’s incoming flows, thus streamlining its overall business processes.

At the same time, EverSuite ECM platform effectively managed GAB’s full document lifecycle, from the creation to storage. It also provided GAB’s employees with fast and accurate document access, organization, archiving and retrieval. Accordingly, this has enhanced GAB’s access to its enterprise-wide documents, thus significantly improving the productivity of its employees.

Moreover, EverSuite ECM system ensured content integrity and traceability by preventing information duplication and redundancy, and significantly reducing the errors found in GAB’s documents.

On top of that, everteam.mea offered GAB, through its advanced viewer and digital signature solutions, the capability of displaying various document types and formats for editing and adding annotations, in addition to allowing authorized users to electronically sign documents, thereby ensuring document authenticity.

“We are delighted to have provided GAB with a real game changer regarding the submission of structured and unstructured governmental information assets for auditing. With our EverSuite solutions, GAB has reached a next-generation digital workplace era, enabling it to deliver faster results, improve its productivity and decrease its operational costs”, says Mr. Amer Zein El Abdin, Senior VP of Business Development for everteam.ksa.

About General Auditing Bureau (GAB):

The General Auditing Bureau (GAB) is the supreme audit institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the GAB’s Constitution, it is responsible for the post-auditing of the state’s revenues, expenditures, movable and fixed assets.
In addition, it exercises auditing control in order to ensure proper utilization and maintenance of the previously mentioned resources.

For additional information, please visit: http://www.gab.gov.sa/