Presenting at Conference

Gearing up for KMWorld – Join Us There

It’s a couple of weeks away and we’re deep into planning a great experience at KMWorld this year. Now maybe you why a software company focused on Information Governance and enterprise content management is sponsoring and speaking at KMWorld. If you sit down and think about though, the relationship is clear – Information Governance and Knowledge Management go hand in hand.

Knowledge workers deal with a lot of information spread across the company. Unfortunately a lot of it is in silos that are hard to reach and sometimes hard to find period. What do many knowledge workers do to get around this challenge? They go get everything they need and store a copy of all information in a file share or file sharing cloud-based application or on there hard drive. How do exactly do you manage this information now? How can you be sure that you aren’t violating a compliance policy or regulation? How do you your knowledge workers are accidently exposing private information? You need an information governance strategy – one that starts with file analytics.

Another way to look at this challenge is when you merge or acquire a new company. The same challenges, the same risks, and the same opportunities to engage in a process of information governance, something that isn’t so prohibitive or hard to manage that it never really gets adopted.

We’re Speaking at KMWorld!

VP Operations for Everteam USA, Ken Lownie is finalizing his presentation for his speaking session. His topic? Information Governance: A Key Enabler of Knowledge Management.

Here’s the overview and key takeaways from his session”

A prerequisite to effective knowledge management is the ability for an organization to capture, organize and preserve their information assets.  Information governance (IG) is focused on exactly those tasks.  In this session, I will five use cases from “real life” information governance initiatives.
Key takeaways:
  • The five fundamental capabilities of an IG framework
  • How to design an IG program that delivers IT cost reductions
  • Strategies for consolidating  information assets through a merger or acquisition
  • How to define an IG  program that will increase compliance and reduce risk related to data theft
  • The role of content analytics in information governance and knowledge management

Going to KMWorld? Let’s Connect

Ken and Dan Griffiths will be manning our booth at KM World – we have giveaways and prizes to win and some great reading material to take home with you. If you are attending and would like to arrange a chat, let us know and we’ll schedule time on Ken or Dan’s calendar.