Executive Breakfast

Houston Executive Breakfast: Is Your Content Making You a Cyber Risk?

Join us in Houston on October 18th for an Executive Breakfast with the Experts where we will share an innovative approach to reducing risk that combines information governance with business continuity and insurance.

During this one-hour chat you’ll hear from:

  • Rob Walters, Cyber Liability Specialist: Rob will talk about the correlation between information management and cyber liability, and how loose content controls greatly increase Cyber Risk.
  • Gungor Aydogmus, CEO InfoDNA Solutions: Gungor will outline an approach to developing or improving your information management program that includes eliminating ROT and improving security and governance.
  • Ken Lownie, CCO Everteam: Ken will give you a practical approach to Information Governance and walk you through the tools required to find and govern your information right.
  • Supreet Singh, Tech Strategy & Management – Exp. Manager, Grant Thornton: Supreet will discuss the challenges of balancing cyber risks and opportunities to drive innovation and growth and how organizations need to shift to a “control to transform” mindset.

We’ll also conduct a Q&A session where you can ask the panel questions that relate to your situation and challenges.

You will leave this session with:

  • A comprehensive Risk Reduction Strategy that combines content reduction, classification, content management and compliance with business needs.
  • A framework to protect sensitive information even when there is a successful cyber attack.
  • An understanding of the tools and processes necessary to lower Cyber Security insurance costs.

60% of organizations fear they aren’t prepared to manage cyber threats, according to a recent study. Manage your information properly, and you won’t fall into the same trap.

Learn how you can reduce cyber risk with information governance and the right insurance protection. Reserve your seat today.