Two sides come together

Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance

In this current business environment, US and European organizations understand that gaining tighter control of sensitive information across their enterprise is paramount to compliant, trustworthy operation.
Building a strategy

More than a Nicety: Information Governance is a Growing Necessity

Privacy, transparency, and integrity have been casualties of the information age, but they can be regained through a concerted approach to information governance – with dramatic rewards for those who accept this challenge.
Structured and unstructured data

ECM 2.0: The Role of Federated Information Governance in the ECM / DM Evolution

The document management and enterprise content management has evolved beyond the centralized model into a broader spectrum of information governance.

The Compliance Mandate is Real as GDPR Enforcement Accelerates

Since its implementation in May of 2018, GDPR has been the subject…
HOW TO Automate Classification

How to Automate Classification Without Losing Control

Content professionals are often faced with large volumes of content…
information asset management

From the CTO: From Information Governance to Information Asset Management

There is an evolution that needs to happen in the world of enterprise…

How to: Setting Up Exceptions for Information Policies in everteam.policy

Defining and setting up information policies, including retention…
Classification scheme

Tech Tuesday: Getting Started with Classification

One of the most important elements of an information governance…

How to: Find and Clean out Your Dark Data with

We talk a lot about how you need to get control of the dark data…