Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) signs with Everteam

25th of December 2015 – UAE, Everteam, the leading provider of integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in the Gulf region, announced today that the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), the investment arm of the Government of Dubai, has decided to implement its advanced EverSuite Correspondence Solution.

Established in May 2006, the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) consolidates the commercial and business assets of the Government of Dubai. It develops and implements investment strategies, and corporate government policies by managing the government’s portfolio of commercial companies and investments from various sectors, including financial services, transportation, energy and industrial, real estate and leisure, retail, and other holdings.

ICD noticed that the frequent committee meetings produce an excessive overload of paper documents that need to be viewed, analyzed and evaluated by the committee members. In addition, committee members have been struggling with manually signing the agreed upon multi-paged documents.

In consequence, these stressful tasks required excessive time, effort, and interaction between members; especially when they are abroad and cannot get hold of paper documents.

For that reason, ICD requested a correspondence management solution to properly manage all the committee’s meetings and assist it in overcoming its organizational hurdles.

Being a well-known provider of innovative ECM solution and having a vast experience in the field, everteam.mea was chosen to implement its Eversuite Correspondence Management Solution.

This solution will significantly reduce the number and cost of paper-based correspondences by transforming them into an electronic format, which will cut-down on the time and effort needed to create, share, access, review, and update these correspondences.

Additionally, it will decrease the interactions needed to manually sign or comment on correspondences by enabling committee members to digitally sign and comment on them.

Moreover, EverSuite Correspondence Management System will enable members to access correspondences at anytime and anywhere through their mobile devices; making fax machines, printers, file creation, and correspondence delivery less needed. Hence, this will fasten the workflow process by reducing the number of steps needed to create correspondences and send them to committee members.

Furthermore, this solution will improve the control of data integrity by allowing only authorized committees to sign correspondences and leave feedback.

“It is a great pleasure to provide ICD with our advanced correspondence management solution, through which we will improve the productivity of its members and increase the efficiency of its frequent meetings”, says Mr. Hani Hannoun – Country manager of Everteam, UAE.

About Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD):

The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) was established in May 2006 under a mandate to consolidate and manage the Government of Dubai’s portfolio of commercial companies and investments, in addition to providing strategic oversight to the portfolio. It aims at developing and implementing investment strategies and corporate governance policies to maximize stakeholder value for the long-term benefit of the Emirate.

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