Keeping up with Quantum Technology | Quantum Computing

Keeping up with Quantum Technology | Quantum Computing

Every time we think we have reached the technological peak, a new leap shows up with thousands of ideas, theories and inventions. While everyone is digging deep into the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and many other new digital transformation phenomena, Quantum Computing has been transformed from theory to reality.

A Quick Quantum look

Listed under one of the ten strategic technology trends for 2019 according to Gartner, Quantum Computing has been grabbing the headlines. Quantum physics is no longer a matter for physicians only to discuss, it is penetrating the Technological world.
In order to define Quantum Computing, we have to stop by Quantum physics that has been there since the early 20th century studying the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. Quantum mechanics, the body of scientific laws, describe the behavior of photons, electrons and the other particles that make up the universe. Too much physics? Let’s move to how it’s related to computers.

What is Quantum Computing?

While classical or traditional Computers are based on Bits (0 – 1), being the smallest units of information, quantum computers uses Qubits. Qubits, unlike normal bits, doesn’t have to be just 0 or 1. Qubits behave quantumly, therefore, we can capitalize on the phenomena of “superposition” and “entanglement.” Superposition is essentially the ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states at the same time, a Qubit can be in any proportion of both states at once and you can’t predict which one will be, but the minute you measure it, it collapses into one of the definite states. The other Quantum phenomenon, Entanglement, is the heavy correlation between Qubits. Two or more Qubits are strongly linked and correlated even if they are separated “Physically” by great distance. Due to these two phenomena, a Quantum Computer can process a huge number of calculations simultaneously. But how will “superposition” and “entanglement” change everything we know about computer and why is Quantum Computing a technological trend?

Major Quantum Changes

1. Cyber Security:

Everteam provides proper ECM solutions to meet compliance and security requirements, and what we are expecting from Quantum Computing is an even higher Cyber security. If you haven’t read about this topic, let us highlight the advanced cryptography of Quantum Computing.
Quantum computer are leading to much stronger protection of our digital data and assets, and will grant the ability to break traditional encryption much faster.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Computers with all their Qubits will be able to solve complex problems quickly in a very smart way. A classical computer will try once at time all the ways possible to solve an issue or a problem, while on the other hand, Quantum Computers will try all these ways at the same time and proceed with a fast solution for any problem! As a result, the efficiency of AI in the developed solutions of Everteam will reach its peek once deployed on such computers.

3. Medicine Development

The Potential of Quantum Computing and Machine Learning to advance Clinical Research and change the practice of medicine are high in the sky! Quantum computers will make the analysis of genetic information easier and help identify a person’s genetic heritage, therefore, will assist in choosing the right treatments and measurements. In short, analysis, as a major player in the digital transformation process and in Everteam playground, will perform better, faster and smarter leading to more accurate results and analytic.

4. Weather Forecasting and Climate Change Predictions

Predicting micro-meteorological events such as the formation of each individual cloud or wind eddy – will become a Quantum Computer job. With the strong and fast analysis and prediction power for any complicated issue, these computer will make weather prediction looks like a piece of cake. Again, the power of Analysis.

5. Traffic control

The quantum algorithm allows precise calculations, and by following the movement and the data processed by our smartphones or transmitters in vehicles, or by simply using the Internet of Things, traffic control will provide a fast and accurate management for traffic. For example, it’s possible to assign precise numbers of vehicles to different destinations and limit the heavy traffic. Here’s one Headline to be crossed off Everteam Smart Cities list of achievements.

This highly developed technology, merging physics, math and computer science could one day provide breakthroughs in different solutions and practices. Everteam, being a global software vendor and a world-class leader specializing in solutions centered on big data and analytics, is sponsoring various workshops around the work and actively participating in discussions around Quantum Computing and its effects on the future of all industries.

Quantum Computing is one of many Strategic Technology Trends.
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