The Key to Great Customer Experience May Be Hiding in Your Archives

Every organization wants to improve its customer experience; they know that a happy customer is a strong advocate and a loyal customer. If it’s so important, then why do so many struggle with it?

I’ll tell you a little secret.

Most of the time you have exactly what you need to provide an improved customer experience, and you just don’t realize it. Think about what makes a great experience:

  • Knowing the customer – who they are, where they are from, what problems and opportunities they deal with.
  • Understanding their relationship with you – what they have bought, what questions and concerns they have, what services they use and have used.
  • Timeliness – helping them exactly when they need help and not making them jump through hoops to deal with you.

It’s About All the Details

Whether you offer customer self-service, a dedicated customer support team, or some combination of the two, you know that to help a customer, you have to understand everything about them and their interactions with your company.

But the information you maintain on your customers is spread across your company in siloed business systems and hard to reach archives.

What if you could get access to all your customer information easily? What if you implemented an archive to store customer interactions and other key information, and then gave your support team direct (and secure) access to those archives giving them immediately visibility into the customer relationship?

And if you stacked analytics on top of that archive, you could easily search the archive to find exactly the right information to help the customer.

And Real-time Access to Those Details

Let’s take that idea a step further and talk about giving customer service real-time access to that information? You wouldn’t have to ask the customer a million questions; you’d already have the information quickly at hand.

Customers don’t like to wait; they expect you to know everything about them and their relationship with you as soon as they reach out. If you have to rummage across multiple systems to pull information together, that’s going to take time, and it’s going to frustrate your customer.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

The idea of leveraging your content archives to improve the speed and quality of your customer interactions may seem like a strange idea, but we know that companies have found success with this approach.

One large utilities company did exactly this: they set up an archiving system to stores all the incoming and outgoing documents related to customers and then they gave their 20,000 customer service personnel real-time on-demand access to this information. They results were clear: a greatly improved customer experience.

You can learn more about this company’s story here.

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