King Khalid University in KSA achieves success with EverSuite

Established in 1998 AD (1419 H), King Khalid University (KKU) is considered as one of the leading educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering the best higher education programs and graduating many of the finest leads that have contributed in the development of Saudi Arabia.

The Center for Documentation and Archives at the King Khalid University (KKU) had relentlessly wanted to develop and modernize its technological systems by using cutting-edge technology to handle all paper assets and correspondence workflows within the administrations, faculties, and deaneries of the university. For that reason, it wished to select an Enterprise content services provider that can develop, install, and operate an innovative administrative communications and electronic archiving system.

Being able to execute the project under the supervision of KKU’s Document center, everteam.mea was selected to implement its EverSuite Correspondence Management and Enterprise Content Solutions. The correspondence and electronic archiving software has handled over the past two years more than 2 million transactions.

With the implementation of EverSuite, KKU acquired a solution that benefited over 95% of the faculty members and almost 8 thousand employees.

According the KKU’s representative for Development and Quality, the system provided a new record in the time it takes to complete a transaction, reducing by almost 99% the time to respond to and complete a transaction while eliminating duplicates and enforcing electronic archives.

The system also allowed to automate repetitive manual tasks by enabling all the members of the university to rapidly and seamlessly share information through electronic correspondences, which significantly enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing, thus greatly increasing employee productivity.

The system also allowed university delegates to track their incoming and outgoing correspondences within and outside the university, providing the ability to monitor performances of employees, departments, and faculties.

It is also important to note that the implemented solution supported both English and Arabic languages, allowing non-Arabic speakers to seamlessly utilize the system.

With the integrated EverSuite Content solution, KKU was able to manage the whole lifecycle of its documents, from scanning and indexing, to storage and archiving; The KKU central repository now holds around 6 million documents.

KKU was able to achieve several benefits including:

  1. The Elimination of duplicates with the centralized electronic archiving software.
  2. Providing document access to KKU’s distant delegates allowing them to access, review and approve documents from outside the university’s premises.
  3. Improving the security levels at KKU, and ensuring data integrity and authenticity.

Furthermore, everteam.mea was responsible for sorting, arranging and archiving old documents, destroying duplicates, as well as scanning and archiving documents to be stored in the proposed system according to KKU’s conservation rules and policies.

“By implementing our ECM solutions, we are delighted to have reinforced KKU’s vision in accomplishing its mission in terms of providing a high-level academic environment for high education”, says Mr. Bilal HMEDEH – Regional Manager of everteam.ksa.

About King Khalid University:

King Khalid University (KKU) is considered one of the best educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment in 1998 AD (1419 H), it is offering the best higher education programs and many of the finest leads in Saudi Arabia had been graduated from KKU and they have contributed in the development of the country.

King Khalid University commits to providing relevant academic environments for high-quality education, conducting innovative scientific research, providing constructive community services, and maximizing the employment of knowledge techniques.

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