Looking back at 2018

Looking Back At Information Governance in 2018

2018 was the year enterprises started seriously investing in their information governance programs. It’s not that they didn’t do governance before, but the increase in compliance and regulations, including the new privacy regulations has pushed for improvements to how enterprise think about and apply information governance processes.

It has been a key focus for us at Everteam. To end the year, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the topics we’ve covered through our podcasts, webinars, and blogs.

Information Governance Insights

There is a lot of talk about creating the right information governance strategy, and then there is the technology that goes along with that strategy. At Everteam, we believe you can slowly work towards the larger, all-encompassing Information Governance strategy by starting small and working towards it.

Our technology framework outlines how you can do that, and what tools and technology are required.

We also believe that many parts of the organization have a role to play in information governance and we have started to offer some guidance to different roles to help them understand where they fit and what they can provide.

Discovering Your Information

If it’s true that almost 80% of the information an organization has is ROT – redundant, obsolete and trivial, then there’s a ton of work to be done to find that information, clean it out and organize what’s left. It’s not an easy thing to do and getting buy-in can be difficult because there are a few ways you can show ROI, but none are necessarily straightforward.

We spent a lot of time in 2018 on the topic of discovery. Here are a few topics we covered, but if you read our blog or run through the Resources section, you’ll find a lot more.

One of the biggest drivers of improved information governance is privacy regulation. It started with GDPR, but it didn’t end there. We have been digging into the privacy regulations that affect how your enterprise can comply with these new regulations.

Managing Your Records

While you don’t need to keep all that information you currently manage, there is a lot you do need to properly take care of. That requires records management. We tackled a new approach to doing records management and gave more than a few good reasons to stop using a spreadsheet to manage your retention and other governance policies.

The Rules for App Decommissioning

Getting organized is as much about cleaning your data, as it is about shutting down applications you do no longer need. We tacked application decommissioning from a few angles, some of which we share here:

Everteam 2018 Highlights

Let’s finish off with some of the big Everteam news from 2018, including the acquisition of GlassIG software and the launch of everteam.discover.

We launched the newest version of everteam.discover this past year and the challenges it helps resolve have resonated across many organizations of every size.

And finally, a little recognition from the analysts:

We look forward to the conversations that 2019 will bring around information governance. Plus we have some product plans in the works that we know can help you take control of your information.