Majmaah University in KSA achieves success with EverSuite

Majmaah University (MU) was established on the 24th of August 2009 in order to expand higher education and research services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has since met the growing number of high school graduates in the Majmaah region, respectively lifting the pressure on universities located in the big cities.

Faced with the remoteness of the university’s faculties from its headquarters, it was challenging and time-consuming for MU to manage the multiple sources of information within its 20 departments. Furthermore, and with today’s evolving technology, particularly in the field of computer technology, MU wanted to take advantage of this evolution to enhance the productivity of its work, hence the level of its services. For that reason, it wished to shift from paper to electronic transactions by developing an integrated information system in the university’s headquarters, deanships, and faculties.

Based on everteam.mea’s previous experience in similar implementations, and its ability to fulfill all functional and technical requirements, MU selected its Eversuite Correspondence Management System, Content, and Case management Solutions.

With the implementation of EverSuite ECM System, the whole lifecycle of MU’s documents was automated. The solution also embedded a reporting module, allowing privileged employees to intuitively design and generate reports. Additionally, EverSuite Content provided MU with Optical Character Recognition Services for Arabic and English languages, and allowed its employees to seamlessly and accurately search for and retrieve stored documents. Switching to a paperless environment enabled MU to significantly reduce its IT costs, storage, and file server requirements.

Being user-friendly and integrated with all EverSuite solutions, EverSuite Correspondence Software managed all MU’s incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondences by capturing and storing them in the unified repository.

Moreover, MU’s employees were capable of transferring correspondences, linking them, and commenting on them, in addition to performing tasks delegation. Subsequently, employees would receive an email, an SMS, or a fax when any change is performed on a certain correspondence.

On top of that, EverSuite provided MU’s decision makers with VIP screens allowing them to manage their tasks in total simplicity using touch screen technology.

MU also selected EverSuite Case Management Software, which enabled its employees to easily and rapidly create and design processes. At the same time, privileged employees were able to view the status of every process at any given time. Our Enterprise Case Management Tools also supported electronic signature, enabling employees to electronically sign documents through various workflow stages.

EverSuite Solutions have improved MU’s efficiency by providing its employees with the tools needed to better manage and circulate the university’s corporate information. The automation of MU’s workflow processes, consequently increased its process performance and drastically reduced errors.

“everteam.mea, through its entity in the KSA, is glad to have provided Majmaah University with one centralized content warehouse and a well defined filing structure, thereby enabling it to become a greater edifice of knowledge by offering its students sophisticated educational services”, says Mr. Bilal Hmedeh, General Manager of everteam.ksa.

About Majmaah University:

Established on the 24th of August 2009, Majmaah University serves a wide area with educational and research services, including Majmaah, Zulfi, Remah, Ghat, and Hawtat Sudair.

The university has helped in achieving the Ministry of Higher Education’s objective of expanding higher education across the country. It has also met the growing number of high school graduates in the region, consequently reducing the pressure on the universities located in the big cities. Furthermore, Majmaah University has added a value to the people of the region by offering social, cultural, and awareness services.

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